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 [F] AFORUM  / CARNAVAL City News  / London  / has more information about the Carnival on-line than any other news source including the best reflection of the official producers whose web sites have issues. Also for many years they have also put up many photographs just days after the event.
For 2005 their entire greater London network has been featuring this buxom unidentified celeb on the right as an in house ad for a newsletter sign-up. But is she Carnival?
Duly noted at

Band sites with great foto sections Download
London School Of Samba
Paraiso Samba
Most popular on-line bands/communities
Dragons  Sporting and Cultural club, now a member of Panciety
Panciety by Robbie is best NHC-forum. You can post your ? & get a response!
DownloadCarnaval de Pueblo The largest Latin Carnival in Europe in London in August!
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 [F] AFORUM  / CARNAVAL City News  / London  / FOTOS Carnival & London

Check for  Soca Music at or Calypso or  Steel
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