This page will automatically help you to install Macromedia's Flash 3 player if you have Netscape Navigator 4 or Microsoft Explorer 3 or 4.
This is the web's #1 plug in* allowing you to  easily enjoy fast loading sound and animation. You can expect to find more and more of this very cool hot stuff at your (Sponsors e-mail us).

<IMG SRC="flash_test_b.gif" WIDTH=128 HEIGHT=96 BORDER=0> NOTES:   Simply wait for the installation dialog box, the program files (about 170K) have already started to download. Then choose to accept the player as installed when prompted.
Once the image to the left begins to animate, you know your installation was successful. (reload this page if necessary)
*If you have Netscape 4 or 5 or Microsoft Explorer 3, 4 or 5 on a CD then your version should already have the flash plug-in and the animation at the left is playing.... Bookmark this (control D) if you know others who would like to add Flash. We set up this transition page to help the people frustrated they could not successfully load the plug-in.
This flash shockwave add page does not give you the much bigger Macromedia Shockwave plug-in for Director 6.5....We may later add/switch to the flash java applet, (which makes the player unnecessary) when its performance equals the plug-in.

If you use another browser or experience problems with your install,
follow this link to Macromedia to get the Flash player.

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