dot_clear.gif (54 bytes)As of New Year's Day 1998, seven became one as six surrounding municipalities joined the Metropolis of Toronto and newly elected Mayor Mel Lastman to create the next chapter in North America's model city. Multicultural, cosmopolitan, well planned and run, this is the city that truly knows how. Toronto is arguably one of the cleanest and safest Cities in the Americas with a wonderful network of recreational, cultural and transportation facilities. Toronto, together with New York and London, share not only the largest summer Carnivals but also the three largest English language theatre districts in the world.
dot_clear.gif (54 bytes)This most livable of cities can also claim world class status for its Toronto Symphony Orchestra, National Ballet of Canada, and the Toronto International Film Festival. Don't forget the three world league sports teams which include the reigning champs of Canadian football, the Argonauts. Finally, this global city is the first to tell you that Bay street is a better bargain than Wall Street.

The City

No.3 Vol. 1
City Web Guides
dot_clear.gif (54 bytes)dot_clear.gif (54 bytes)
dot_clear.gif (54 bytes)Toronto wears many Canadian crowns, including new media capital, so we like finding so many web publications in the mold of Carnaval.com's valued added web guide. The long standing paper of record is the Toronto Star. The Star is a great home-town paper amidst much competition and more to come as a new daily (tentatively called the Post and backed by the formidable Conrad Black) is set to go head to head with the Star in the active daily media market. The Sun is the flagship of the second largest newspaper chain in Canada but is content to put up circulation numbers by appealing to the 4-B's: babes, breasts, beasts, and blood. 

toronto.com (formerly starcitysearch.com
Rules as the Toronto's best City web guide notwithstanding minimal outside links. The parent company citysearch is now part of ticketmaster and expect more mega mergers till the profit story is under control.

Enter keyword(s): Select a Star index to search:

Toronto-online.com || FRANÇAIS || ITALIANO ||DEUTSCH ||ESPAÑOL
Insightful, well done with no ads & few updates 

City Guides with Lots of Links
torinfo.comTorinfo.com by [email protected]
Ambitious web site loaded with listings in 27 categories
Toronto Info by Steve C. Young

Steve continues to apply himself and his depth & breath are tops Cool new '99 look featuring pop-up windows w/ rollovers but higher editing requirement will be tough to maintain. 
 Welcome to Toronto by math.toronto.edu || by Joel Chan
This carefully edited list is Toronto's oldest and most authoritative
Greater Toronto Internet Directory by West Rouge Canoe Club
Thank you to this summer camp for 7-13 year olds
Toronto by excite.com

Community Resources
www.city.toronto.on.ca [ LINKS || Calendar ]
dot_clear.gif (54 bytes)Toronto is proud to be called "the best International city to raise a family in." This fresh healthy concern for the quality of life seems to keep the city workers from becoming mired in  bureaucratic trappings so common elsewhere and is well exhibited by this helpful robust web site.
LINK Community Information & Referral Service
In case you wish to discuss options with staff and volunteer at North York Public Library 5120 Yonge Street, North York, Ontario, CANADA, M2N 5N9 (416) 395-5591 TTY (416) 395-5596

LinkExchange This banner space available

Where To Stay in Town
dot_clear.gif (54 bytes)To find a much larger list of options including links to over 25 booking services, visit our Toronto Marketplace for campgrounds, airport, metro, regional and national resources. Also our Travel Forum has lots of resources including a guide to home exchange and free classifieds in association with hundreds of  other web sites.
Eurotels International  | Toronto
Unlike other web booking services, this one allows direct access to the hotel's web site
Excellent value here as well as many options. For cross referencing, contact one of the reservation service associations. Includes direct e-mail, fax, and pricing.
Across Toronto B & B Reservation Service
Since 1967. Phone: (416) 588-8800. Ensure high standards. Recommended by Frommers, Fodors.
Neill-Wycik Co-Op College Summer Hotel
Limited to summer starting at US $21.
http://home.ican.net/~iote/index.html - Inn on the Esplanade
A hostel w/ arts scene for $25 (Canadian) per night.

Where To Eat
dot_clear.gif (54 bytes)With over 9000 to choose from, it's good to have a plan.
All meals subject to: 8% Provincial Tax; 7% GST; 10% Liquor Tax. Average tipping is 15% before taxes.
Last Call for alcohol is at 2:00 am

Toronto Life Magazine Restaurant Guide
Short tantalizing insights and descriptions.  1 to 5-star ratings  searchable by name and cuisine.
Toronto Restaurant & Entertainment Network by webcom
Over 1000 on-line restaurant web sites. Search by food type only, but hey, pick from 5 types of chicken  (BBQ, Jerk,Orange, Fried & Grilled)
Over 8000 listings for Ontario  Best search allowing a combination of neighborhood, landmark, cuisine, style, special diet, price, catering, banquet  and name. 
Vegetarian Restaurants | Home
Assembled by the Toronto Vegetarian Association, this is the definitive directory of vegetarian restaurants in the Toronto area.
Toronto vegan Restaurants
Part of  "World Guide to Vegetarianism" done w/ local help 2/96

Finally a Toronto zoom street map w/ interactive features
A local effort w/ the zoom map feature & 150,000 biz listings

Downtown Toronto by utexas
Better street detail, simple black & white, too big to print
http://expedia.msn.com/wg/places/Maps/TORO2C.htm - Toronto: Vicinity
by expedia
You can zoom in once to a fair downtown map.
Subway map ||
GO Map || PATH Maps
Resources worth printing

Tor-transit-R.gif (664 bytes) Getting Around There
dot_clear.gif (54 bytes)Yonge Street divides the city into West and East, which is a part of the address you'll need unless you get a cross street. Blue street signs indicate a street running North and South while Yellow means an East and West orientation for the uncomplicated grid.
Enjoy the best PUBLIC TRANSIT system in the Americas
Toronto Transit Commission (TTC)
dot_clear.gif (54 bytes)For further information on TTC routes, schedules, and fares, telephone (416) 393-4636 (07:00 to 22:00, 7 days a week). A TTC Customer's Guide is available in 15 languages for free at the TTC Customer Centre at 1900 Yonge St., Metro Hall, all other city halls in Metro, public libraries and most cultural centres. Late-night buses and streetcars, running specific routes every morning from 1 a.m. to 5:30 a.m. Ask for your free transfer
GO trains from the more distant areas [MAP]
dot_clear.gif (54 bytes)Areas which feature free parking. Once within the metro area you will be impressed by the efficient combination of subway, bus, and streetcar to get you where you want to go.
GO Transit guide || thanks to Tom Box
dot_clear.gif (54 bytes) Toronto info (416) 869-3200 (7 days). This service is known as Government of Ontario Transit. GO Transit operates trains over six routes within a 100 kilometer radius of the downtown. The Lakeshore line has all-day service, seven days a week, between Pickering and Oakville. The hub of the 49 station network is the Lakeshore Station at 65 Front Street West (near Bay & York) known as the Toronto Union Station which also integrates the web of transit from the:
Subway map
dot_clear.gif (54 bytes)This simple map for the 3-line system can be combined with the (?400?)Subway Navigator.
dot_clear.gif (54 bytes)During the winter and adverse weather, you will appreciate this 10 km PATH. This convenient set of underground and indoor routes links 5 subway stations in the downtown area including Union Station, Eaton Centre and the inter-city bus terminal.
Driving in Toronto
by Destination Toronto. Short overview to the easy to learn grid.
COMPASS ||  QEW Mississaugua || Hwy 401/ Airport || Françias
Snapshots of traffic throughout Toronto by your mto.gov.on.ca
Justin's Toronto Traffic Page
50 MTO traffic cameras updated every 3-5 minutes.
dot_clear.gif (54 bytes)Toronto's major taxi companies include Beck Taxi 449-6911 or Diamond Taxi  366-6868. All are metered, but visitors are well advised to ask the price in advance

Speaker's corner by cityTV or chumcity.com
This original TV channel  maintains some busy message boards including (?400?)STUFF,  (?400?)CITY, or (?400?)BRAVO! and a newer Chat site
If you like to chat you'll enjoy this "free community" site

Where To Go/Things To Do

CALENDAR: Arts,   Entertainment, Nightlife
Eye! Magazine [Club Watch || Concerts || Spoken Word || Performances || Art ]
The #1 Toronto Weekly has much competition here
Toronto Life Events Calendar

Less is more w/ good write-ups on many highlights
Now Magazine
[ Clubs || Concerts || Dance Clubs || Theatre ||
Movie ] Now's movie description has it all. Also, this weekly's Readers  Best of '97 list  has plenty to offer A VISITOR

MovieLink Online Search
North American database
The guide to the best of  Canadian TV

More Music & Nightlife
dot_clear.gif (54 bytes)The legal age for alcohol in Ontario is 19. Bars must close at 2am. It is not legal to drink in public. Retail liquor sales are restricted to  government stores
StarCitySearch/clubs & bars
487 listings under 27 types incl.
57 Hotel Piano Bars, 24 Scotch Bars, 29 Upscales, 12 Off-Track Betting Bars, 156 Dance clubs, 39 disco retro clubs, 29 Hip Hop R&B Clubs, 32 Karaoke plus Dance Events
ShowMeToronto.com/clubs & bars
Links List

Concerts by Torinfo
Here's their list of some Toronto Radio Stations.
LaMusica || Toronto Clubs || Montreal Clubs
Great site for Latin Dance and music
Universal Concerts |at  Molson amphitheatre
"Canada's preeminent concert promoter" does the big shows
Much Music: || Canada Concerts sorted by Artist
Nocturnal magazine || party Intelligence
Toronto After Hours ||  [email protected] ||
A Guide to Toronto West Indian Night Clubs & Special Events
 dancersLatintonights.com  /

Toronto Radio Web Pages
Industry web-guide  hosted by webmaster Ian Grant
Toronto Radio stations on the web
Canadian Broadcast Radio Stations on the web
Toronto Area Music Shoppes http://www.inforamp.net/~druid/shoppes.htm
Seven shops listed w/ a map
The Toronto Blues Society Home

Romance & Sex: No surprise that "sex" is the most popular search term on the web. Toronto's thriving club scene may present this instinctual dance which never goes out of style better than anywhere else. Carnaval.com, in association with Alternative Connections and the One-and-Only Network , bring you the web's largest collection of personal ads sorted by City and featuring photos and FREE listings
Desiree's Toronto Guide to Sex
Tips from voices of experience (Special award for high & plentiful search engine site placement)
(?400?)Good Sex Is Good For You!by UToronto || (?400?)safer sex
"Improves our health and may even contribute to our longevity."
SWAT: Sex workers Alliance of Toronto
News links & safe sex tips

Arts & Culture
broken pencil
"The guide to alternative culture in Canada" ze zine scene
Eye.Site of the Month
Check out the Eye's visually arresting picks
the alternative music magazine
Tribe Magazine | Tribe Music & Culture Links
"We dance, talk to people, take photographs, and hang out. This is our life. We are the TRIBE crew. We bring you greetings from Canada."
Toronto Visual Artists on the Web
Edited by Steve C. Young
Pleasure DOME

Programs cutting edge experimental film, video & performance with policy of non-compliance towards any prior-approval bodies

Only New York and London boast greater Theatre offerings.
Toronto Theatre Alliance
can tell you just what shows will be playing during your visit, and you can even book your tickets in advance at Theatre Land.
Toronto Theatre Alliance - (?400?) Show Listings by Date & Type
Ticketmaster.ca | Ontario events |(416) 870-8000 (7/24)
Web Wars Revisited: Remember Ticketmaster's '97 dispute w/ Microsoft for linking deep to its transaction center, thus bypassing extra ad banner impressions. Well they settled without resolving any issues but now Microsoft has its own monopoly related litigation problems while Ticketmaster has few banner ad takers but significant new web competition.
T.O. Tix by TTA
The finest in theatre, dance, music, and comedy at half-price.
Theaters & Festivals by hotwired
St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts
| Tickets
Toronto's Civic Cultural Centre.  Sponsor of the  May '98 "Strengthening Caribana" which may be available in real audio by now. Speakers inc.\ Councilor Joe Mihevc: Toronto City Councilor,   Louis Saldina: Caribana Mas Band Leader Courtney Doldron Alvin Curling Moderated by the Star's Royson James Co-sponsored:  by The International Society for the Calypso Arts

All you need to know about the top spots to shop plus a lot more
The Eaton Centre
Over 300 shops magnificently presented amidst spectacular water fountains to create one of Canada's great public spaces 
Famous Toronto Neighborhoods by toronto-online
The Beaches  Beaches, Bloor-Yorkville, Chinatown, Church & Wellesly, Greektown.togreektown.com , Little Italy, Litte India, Queen Street West, and Toronto Islands
Toronto Neighborhoods & Attractions by hotwired
CN Tower, City Hall, Eaton Centre, Art Gallery of Ontario
The Group of Seven, Parliament and University, ROM, Casa Loma and Spadina, Harbourfront and West of Fort York and Exhibition Park

Sights & Entertainment by toronto-on-line FRAN&CcedilAIS | ITALIANO

24 well-detailed nominees with links for six
(?404?) http://www.epas.utoronto.ca:8080/epas/city_tour.html CN Tower Picture Tour
Symbol of the City check out the 360 city view.
(?404?) http://fas.sfu.ca/cs/people/GradStudents/niguma/
Right next to the CN Tower is the world's largest stadium with a retractable roof. It's also got the largest "fixed location" TV so far.
Toronto Zoo
You may wish to visit some of their web exhibits if you're a kid. "Leapin Lizards! I don't like vegetables but I do like you. Click me to find out more about the awesome Komodo Dragon!"

Ontario Place [ Molson Amphitheatre || Directions ]
New thrill rides now added to old favorites located on  3 man-made islands, south of Exhibition Place
Wild Water Kingdom
Canada's largest Water Park, web coupon
Paramount Canada's Wonderland:
9 new attractions 180 total  10 minutes north of Metro Toronto
Ontario Science Center | Kid's Links
Open 7 days
(?400?)Great Lakes Basin Watershed | (?400?)virtual tours |
TTRCA presents a virtual tour of some special areas in nature saved for our children's children
is Canada's #1 specialty cable channel for kids.
Roger'sCable TV
Look up to see if your favorite channel is available

Find a larger list of (10+) options at our Toronto Marketplace

TheHelicopterCompany | mailto:[email protected]
The first fleet truly dedicated to heli-adventure!
Get Away Tours & Travel Inc. |Day trips | Boat cruises | Overnight
Specialists in group tours motorcoach, air and rail group tours out of Toronto. Lots of ideas in these links

Royal Ontario Museum | directions | Français
The Royal Ontario Museum is Canada's largest museum featuring galleries in Art, Archaeology and Science. It is also
an architectural gem

Heritage Toronto Museums
Imagine the past at Fort York, Marine Museum, Coborne Lodge, Spadina Mansion & Gardens, and Mackenzie House.
Hockey Hall of Fame
Toronto Aerospace Museum
Founded 1998
SLATE Gallery Guide
On-line webguide with show descriptions from magazine covering Canada with emphasis on Toronto, Ontario & Quebec.
The Power Plant
The leading contemporary art institute within Canada devoted solely to the exhibition of contemporary art. Exhibitions often
generated by the staff and Toronto artists. Traveling shows too.

Beaches & Parks
There's 365 kilometres (139 miles) of shoreline starring Lake Ontario's Waterfront Trail
OntarioPlace | Directions & 98 highlights |
Open June thru Sept. Home to Molson Amphitheatre
The Toronto Beaches &Downtown Beach Map
Toronto Island Ferry
Enjoy the view on your way to some of the best maintained parks anywhere. Carnival Sunday and Monday Music Festival happens here.

Professional sports envys the Toronto's SkyDome where Canadian Football's '97 champions Toronto Argonauts  and Professional Baseball's Toronto Blue Jays  hold court.
NBA Basketball's Toronto Raptors have no where to go but up as they make plans to join the NHL's Toronto Maple Leafs who are leaving (?400?)Maple Leaf Gardens for the new downtown state of the art 19,500 seat Air Canada Center
Day Trips
An events guide with some links to happenings within a two hour drive of Toronto
Getaways  by starcitysearch
incl. their list of 30 of historic scenic sites
Niagara Falls from Toronto http://www.io.org/~acbatek/niagara.htm
(?400?)McMichael Canadian Art Collection
Has a beautiful setting overlooking the East Humber River valley, sculpture garden, restaurant

Violent crime is not a major problem in Toronto, although property crime (vandalism, theft) is a problem. Just like in the USA for emergencies dial 911 (no coin required at pay phones).
Metro Toronto Police Services
Phone: 416-808-2222.
Crimestoppers http://toronto-crimestoppers.com/
(416) 222-TIPS 1-800-222-TIPS "For Security Reasons, we CANNOT accept tips via E-Mail"

The Scene for what's cool or hot is best tracked by the one word free alternative magazines and papers like

Eye || Now
|| Life || Share || Word ||
Toronto Star
Toronto's leading daily now offers access to its search engine check out our guide to Caribana '98 by the Star
The Globe & Mail
A national paper based in Toronto.
Toronto Sun or Canoe.ca
"Toronto's Other Voice" of 25 years is the 1998 official sponsor of Caribana's sun and fun
Toronto's wild and unique channel has a growing web presence, but TV is their claim to fame. Visionary Moses Znaimer explains his inspiration at MZTV Museum . "I believe that all over the planet there is a sudden awakening to television's epic significance; and very soon, no collection of hardware or software, no collection of fashion or manners or machines will be thought complete without a presentation of the boxes that brought us the world, in perpetual flow."

One of our favorite web sites in the whole word wide web
Canada's largest Ethnic Newspaper.
Caribbean Cultural Resources
A resource Library
for students, academics, and other Caribbeanists

A Gay Business directory
Gay Pride Week
| | Official Events
Held since 1969 with a claim of the world's largest with over 1,000,000 participating in the many events 
GayCanada.com's guide to Pride Celebrations
Free listings for all organizations and businesses which  serve the gay, lesbian and bisexual communities of Canada.

brazil-flg.gif (21572 bytes)There are many business ties between Toronto and Sao Paulo, Brazil: the world's third largest City. To learn more, visit the English edition of O Estadi de São Paulo
Consulate General of Brazil- Toronto || E-Mail
77 Bloor Street West, Suite 1109 Toronto, Ontario - M5S 1M2, Canada  (416) 922-1058 / 2503 Fax: (416) 922-1832 / 2847
Interlista of Brazilian and Portuguese Businesses

Over 50 listings
The Brazilianist
A quarterly publication published in Toronto.
Jumping java box by NTS Internet Solutions
A game you can win. NTS works in both Toronto & Brazil

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