Ontario is Canada's richest and largest province, a place to appreciate the seasons and the great outdoors. The 30 million Canadians value their heritage which is considerably different than their influential USA neighbor. Canada is a loyal part of the United Kingdom with much wilderness and vast open space which is a subtle part of the national psyche..
Among the people, the French-Canadian influence is the most pronounced, but there is an edginess between Canada's indigenous, French and British traditions that gives everyone a shifting yet proud perspective on what it means to be a Canadian where the objective is to take only the best from the pervasive American culture. Today recent waves of migration are remaking Canadian culture into a
thriving multi-cultural mosaic who all share the cold winter and great outdoors together

Tourist Authority
The official City visitor's bureau. Call 1-800-363-1990 (in Toronto call 416-203-2500, fax them at 416-203-6753, or Email them now  to request your free Toronto Newsletter
Toronto postcard Province of Ontario Travel Information Centres|| Send a Postcard Tourism Ontario 1- 800-Ontario (668-2746).
 In Toronto visit them at the Eaton Centre on "Level 1 Below," near the Dundas Street entrance
Travel Canada or CanadaTourism.com   || Franšais  || Ontario || By Province || Top TEN FAQs
Canadian Tourism Commission or CTC
Canadian Tourism Offices Worldwide (84)
Each lists address, tel.,fax, e-mail & website where available
Save 20% at amazon NOWDestination Canada by Lonely Planet ||
Find lots of fast facts and insight. The book published in 1997 contains 97 maps, much outdoor information including complete guides to national parks plus language guides

 The Traveler's Aid Society 416/366-7788
A volunteer group who staffs stations  Union Station (2),  Pearson Airport (3) Call here for Ontario sales tax rebate forms or when all else fails and they can probably  help
Immigration & Travel Documents || Customs & Duties
Bring your passport and if your less than 18 and traveling without a parent you need to carry a letter of permission. 
International Embassies and Consulates in Canada
|| USA Consuls
Diplomatic representatives, consulates and missions in Canada 

Air Canada, Canada 3000 and Canadian Airlines  
are the major domestic airlines. You can check to see if they've enhanced their special deals sections. Remember to save money for the departure tax (>$40 US)
Pearson International Airport:|| Map ||
Airport Tips by travel-library 
A taxi to/from downtown is about $35. You can get an Airport-downtown and transfer to the extensive subway system at the Royal York Hotel (nr Union station). Longest but cheapest route downtown is #58 bus to Lawrence West subway station (about 45 minutes). The Airport is just outside Metro in the city of Mississauga
Guide to Air Travel by About.com || Check for Toronto Air Specials
About.com, formerly the miningcompany says it has a webguide for every topic. Their air travel guide by A.G Dunham is the best we've seen. For a smaller frames version with a greater focus on finding a good deal try our own
Booking Your Flight by Carnaval.com (Tip: at Carnaval.com we set the frame menu to collapse by dragging the margin to the left)

VIA Rail Canada [ On-Line Reservations || Map || Franšais || Unofficial ]
amtrak_s.gif (443 bytes)Amtrak.com || special deals
There are three main rail routes from the USA: New York-Montreal, New York-Niagara Falls-Toronto and Chicago-Sarnia/Port Huron-Toronto which VIA and Amtrak jointly operate. Discover the 28,000 of passenger rails in North America 

Greyhound Passenger Sales Center 1-800-661-TRIP (8747) or GCX (Courier Express) 800-661-1145. Greyhound USA connects to most major Canadian destinations with a border change of vehicles
Canada is a land of wide open spaces and great scenery making car rental your best option for touring. A valid driver's license from any country is good in Canada for up to three months.  Canadian road signs are in kilometers: 100 km/hr=60 m.p.h.  Radar detectors are generally not allowed in Ontario.

Guide to Discount Air Travel on the Web
Our new section which combines our other travel tools pages and is filled with tips and tricks for the savvy traveler

Canadian Travel Agency Web Site by us in our aForum
A large alphabetized list of links

 GreenTravel.com Search
Rated #1 by Yahoo, featuring a database with 17 different activities in addition to sightseeing with good information about the tour operator
Vacation Canada
Find out about last minute specials and get in-depth information

TravelLinx Ontario by Bell Labs Canada 1-800-ONTARIO
Powerful Search engine and strong graphics
Limited information on options within a two hour drive of Toronto
Vacation Canada
Find out about last minute specials and get in-depth information
gocanada.miningco.com || Ottawa || 
Guides inc.French-Canadian Culture , English Culture and French Language

Outdoor Adventures, Fishing, and Wilderness Expeditions. (Ambitious site to watch)

link list for over 360 Cities
Edited their City list from 87 to 72 Cities in '98 and a few other less than exciting moves
Modest set of travel listing by City & type
Guides to Ontario & Canadian Festivals and Events in our aforum 

Niagara Falls
An easy drive from Toronto, everyone should resolve to at least once become become part of the magical mist of Niagara Falls. Casino Niagara, open since 1998, is booming and spurring many new hotel rooms (2000 & counting) and other developments  
The City  || Map || Events || Fast Facts || Service  #'s 
Very comprehenive, insightful and authoritive 
Niagara Falls Visitors & Convention Bureau
(?404?)"http://www.niagara-usa.com/contact-us.htm" - Order Information Online
:Niagra Falls Chamber of Commerce || niagara-usa.com 
Yet 2 more official sites 
Niagara Falls.net
Niagra Falls Attractions in our aForum.com
Places to Stay Niagara Falls by worldres.
Very user friendly way to make a key decision

Places To Stay Ontario, Canada   for TORONTO
Canada Bed & Breakfast (1600) [ Ontario
Comprehensive descriptions and now w/ on-line reservations for some
Resorts-Ontario (220)  [ 1-800-363-7227 || mailto:[email protected] ]
Discover great options. Get the  Convention Planning Guide
OntarioAccommodation.com Assoc. [800-461-1972 || [email protected] ]
Large list with good information sorted by region

Speaker's corner by cityTV or chumcity.com
An original media voice headed by Moses Znaimer and increasingly found further afield than its home base of Toronto also maintains some very busy Forums/message boards including STUFFCITY, or BRAVO! and a newer Chat site
Best Preparations Before You Leave
From Arthur Frommer's Outspoken Encyclopedia. We wholeheartedly agree with the idea of "Preparing the mind" for travel and believe you'll be well served by clicking on the links we've prepared for you in our 4th annual edition for 1999-2000.

Help For World Travelers!: by kropla.com
Dialing Canada is the same as in the USA: Dial 1 within and 011 without. Then dial 3-digit area code & 7 digit number. Ontario Area Codes as of  June '98: (London-519 ); (North Bay-705 ); (Ottawa-613 ); (Thunder Bay-807 ); (Toronto Metro-416 ); (Toronto Vicinity-905)
If you travel much with a fax or computer, you'll appreciate Steve Kropla world guide's to hooking up and :

World Dialing Codes Wide Electric Guide Web Television Guide International
Phone Plugs
Hooking Up & Dial tones

The Electricity and TV signal match with the  USA 110/120V 60Hz and NTSC respectively. The USA is the only country not using the Metric system of weights & measures. (One of our secrets to success.)
World Time Zone Map http://www.embratur.gov.br/b127.htm
All of Ontario matches w/ USA's East Coast ( Eastern Standard Time)

As of July 21st 1999 $1.00 CAD = $0.69 & $1.00 USD = $1.50 CAC Nearly Identical to a year ago 
Universal Currency Converter by xexon
|| Full Currency (180)
Rates updated once per minute
Microsoft Expedia Currency Converter

ATM's  (Automated Teller Machines) .Visa | Visa Travel Money |   ATM Locator |   ATM EspanolATM Portuguese
MasterCard | American Express as well as Credit cards offer increasing convenience and value for travelers
Credit Card Use & Banks: Nearly all banks charge only a 1% fee for currency exchange when you use your credit or bank card or which is far better than the average cost of 5% for traveler's checks which are not as welcome as they once were. You may wish to make sure your preferred credit card is not one of the exceptions as 1999 has seen rates creeping forward.
generally open Mon-Fri., 10 am to 4 pm, with many now expanding hours to evenings & Saturday. US currency is often accepted by merchants at rates which vary significantly

Money tips by ontario-canada.com

Tax Refund
Resort Vacations International GST Refund Service
itrs.com ||c[email protected] || Fast Facts
ITRS is a tax recovery specialist partnered with Resorts Int. to help you to receive your refund if your a non-resident and you have  ORIGINAL individual receipts over $50 CDN which total a minimum of $200 CDN.  || Get a refund if your purchases exceed $200
Revenue Carnada/visitors/ || More detail
New '99 regulations require an airline  ticket or official dated receipt stamp if on ground travel

The climate of Toronto is fairly predictable like that of its neighboring American cities such as Chicago and Detroit. During  spring, summer or fall, it's a nice city to visit, but from November to early April, you take your chances with snow lasting from mid-December to mid-March. The colors of Spring and Autumn are brilliant.
Ontario Weather by Bell Labs
Toronto Weather by the weathernetwork
Weather by Environment Canada http://www.on.doe.ca/text/fpcn13.wto
Authoritative and well written, no graphics, 3 to 4 days.

Canadian Postal Code Lookup Service
Free service from direct mail house Westminster. They'll also help you look up American ZipCode
NameSecure Look up www domain name registrations
555-1212.com Fast Area Code Look-up Guide to Dialing code prefixes around the globe
Travel Insurance | 1-800-ONTARIO
INGLE Health, "Canada's foremost Travel Health Insurance provider"
Safety Tips from Toronto Transit

These two national papers known for business news are based in Toronto
The Globe & Mail The Globe & Mail
The Financial Post
Get your key numbers for Money Rates, the Market Mutual Funds as history's longest bull market continues

"It is interesting that Toronto has thrived in part due to it's proximity to New York, both now and back in the 1700s." 
Canadian Culture by about.com 
Canadians like to bash USA culture and view themselves as more of a mosaic than a melting pot
Canada Information Office: 1-800-973-INFO (inside Canada) 

Short History of Toronto by Toronto-online

Heritage Toronto
Since 1960, Heritage advises the City Council on heritage matters, operates the City's historic site museums and more.
Canadian Museum of Civilization | Franšias | Contact
A Museum for the Global Village, 3.75 million artifacts  which help define the national heritage including an extensive collection of materials representing Canadian Indian, Inuit and MÚtis cultures. Over 40,000 items have been photographed and placed on Kodak CD and many are now available for purchase like these Easter Egg thumbnails  at the Corel Image Store. Check out the work of Quebec's famous figurine wood-carver Archelas Poulin (1892-1969)
Art + Book by The Globe & Mail

Moving to Toronto
MLS« Online™  or Multiple Listing Service,
The #1  property listing service operated by Canadian Realtors«. Go to Ontario, then Central 5, and then Toronto, which is operated locally by the Toronto Real Estate Board. Powerful, easy to use search but slow loading at times!
Is the web's #1 moving guide for anywhere in North America
Toronto Better Business Bureau | (416) 766-5744
North America's leading consumer advocate. Check to see if they have their member directory on line yet.
Toronto Internet Apartment Guide by rentcanada.com

Strategis International Business Opportunities | Franšias
Searchable Events Calendar for global info trade shows.
Deep & ambitious site for "Export Related Activities and Events for Trade & Investment." Produced by Minister of by Industry Canada.
ExpoWorld.net || MajorExhibitHalls.com || ConventionBureaus.com  
Like us a web directory to directories. As of July '99 $30 USD /year to use their terrific resource guide. Carnaval.com is proud to be one of their top 500 resources. Based in Toronto  serving global trade 
Ontario by EDCO
Economic Developers Council of Ontario provides profiles, investor immigration info, and access

Disclaimer: While reasonably accurate at time compiled, no representations or endorsements are given or implied. We recommend confirming  reservations before departure and having access to a personal travel agent should problems arise...In general, the toll free numbers listed (800 & 888) only work in the  USA & Canada

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