Caribana 1998 Results

Band Of The Year 1998

Louis Saldenah

Ontario, Yours To Discover

2. Jessie Matthews

Dance Melee Dance
3. TIE: Errol Achue " Happy Hour
3. Ken DeFreitas Everything is Color
5. Borokeete directed by
Frank Ramsaroop/
Dis Is Paradise
6. Prem Ramsahai Splendour of Polynesia
Caribana King of Bands 1998  

Rudy Rampersad



Caribana Queen Of The Bands  
Traci Lee-Wah Kaleidescope of Colour
Caribana Male Individual  
Dexter Seusahai Symphony Of Fire
Caribana Female Individual  
Pat Lorshan Zena, Keeper of the Gold Mines