The Brooklyn Neighborhood
Brooklyn, New York
,  fourth largest city in the United States, labor
s anonymously in the shadow of the golden glitter of the nearby global capital of New York. Brooklyn is the common folks land, a gateway for many from afar who share with their neighbors the common golden dream of America. Brooklyn has long remained a cradle of virtue with a history from which much greatness will be harvested.

Lately the legal immigration from the Caribbean to New York has been averaging over 21,000 per year. The majority is West Indians from the English speaking islands of Jamaica, Guyana and Trinidad & Tobago and they often join their evolving culture in Brooklyn.

City Guides
Brooklynonline.gif (30500 bytes) || Neighborhoods || History
Exhibiting the type of intrepid perseverance the web demands. Join them!
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Now BRIC/Brooklyn Information & Culture for most of its 20 year life its been known as  the Fund for the Borough of Brooklyn. 30 Flatbush Avenue, Suite 427, Brooklyn, NY 11217
Tel: (718) 855-7882 Fax: (718) 802-9095
Among their programs is:
The Brooklyn Tourism Council || WhoWeAre || || 718-855-7882,
Making a difference since '94 Call for a quarterly guide

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Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce
|| Events
Order their new "atlas"guide to Brooklyn.
Brooklyn Goes Global (BGG) wants to prepare Brooklyn companies to compete in the global marketplace.

Web Link Directories
Yahoo's Brooklyn Links
MarketSpan,  as of May 28, 1998 is the owner of Brooklyn Union casting a shadow on the future of this  website

The Courier Life 9 and its many free papers have taken down their web site ||
From Brooklyn Community Access TV to... a talk show

Brooklyn's Neighborhoods

Brooklyn Neighborhoods
by Brooklyn Neighborhoods by
Find insightful descriptions for 25 of 64 neighborhoods as August '98 ||
Neighborhood Association
"Joining the new Russian Americans are immigrants from the Middleast and Asia." 

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Tremendous growing amounts of fresh content including lots of worthwhile outside links
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Very well done, new and growing neighborhood site
1010 President Street in Crown Heights
"Brooklyn, New York, cradle of tough guys and Nobel laureates, fourth largest city in the United States, proof of the power of marginality, and homeland of--why deny it?--America's most creative diasporic culture.
1010 cal |||| Economic Development non-profit serving Latino neighborhood near Queens
Dykler Heights || Community Phone #'s ||

Dyker Beach Golf Club

This Muni golf course is slow paced but a great value.
NorthWest corner  near the East River, just a stone's throw from Manhattan
Brooklyn /IrishHills
Oops it's in Brooklyn, Michigan


Getting Around There
Subway guide: Subway guide: Brooklyn Museum #2 or #3 train; Franklin Ave #2, 3, 4, or #5 train, Kingston Ave #3 train; Nostrand Ave #3 or #4 train; Utica Ave #3 or #4 train "Meet me on the Parkway".
Bus Schedules for Brooklyn

Map of trains & subways between Manhattan & Brooklyn

Options include Driving Directions, Locate Businesses, Print Preview, Multi-pick Zoom & Pan and X marks the spot.

With Parade on Eastern Parkway  Indicated.
Brooklyn Neighborhood Map

Places to Stay
The Marriott just opened 7/7/98 and is the first hotel constructed in Brooklyn since 1920
NY Marriott-Brooklyn
1-888-436-3759 (v) 333 Adams St. Brooklyn, NY 11201
New 374-room hotel has a health club w\ indoor pool, Brooklyn's only full-service hotel.
|| Send email
Only 10 minutes to Wall Street; Near 7th Ave & Brooklyn Museum; From$75 718-783-5717.
Bed & Breakfast on the Park
7 rooms on Prospect Park from $110 for shared bath
Homestay New York
718-434-2071 (v) / 718-434-2071 (f)
Affordable lodging in Brooklyn homes for international tourists.
Baisley House Bed & Breakfast
718-935-1959 (v) / 718-935-1959 (f)
Restored  brownstone located in  historic  Carroll Gardens
Comfort Inn-Brooklyn
8315 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11209
718-238-3737 or 800-447-3467 (v) / 718-680-0827 (f)
Newly-renovated 70-room hotel  in residential Bay Ridge.
Foy House Bed & Breakfast
718-636-1492 (v)
3 large rooms in Edwardian on Park Slope; Delicious fresh  breakfast in Brooklyn's oldest B&B

Places to Eat
Search the all 64 Brooklyn hoods. 6 Caribbean & 5 African cuisines
Brooklyn Eats
Brooklyn Eats by
Brooklyn Eats by || A-G || H-P || Q-Z
Margaret Daly authoritative, detailed guide to over 200 spots

Yahoo's Restaurant Links
Yahoo's Restaurant Links   (17 as of 8/98)

NYC African American Resources by

Featuring Brooklyn Restaurants

Music & Nightlife
New York Movies
New York Movies by
Comprehensive database plus descriptions and coming attractions.

Brooklyn Fall  Festivals by

Our New York Parade Guide expands to cover this growing phenomenon for Performing Arts
At Brooklyn College Big names and big heart talent, easy parking, Quiet in Summer
Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM)
BAM is a cutting-edge performing arts institution that presents theater, dance, music and opera from around the world. BAM Majestic Theatre, Summer Music in the Parks
BAM Box Office
30 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn 718.636.4100
Arts at St. Anns by
Discover the acoustic qualities of the Holy Trinity in Gothic Revival music theater, blues, jazz, folk, world beat and new chamber music. Founded in 1980. 157 Montague Street (at Clinton Street) Brooklyn, NY 11201 tel.718-834-8794 Box Office 718-858-2424 ||
R. N. DeLaCour has promised neighborhood music directory.

Brooklyn Heights Symphony Orchestra || Events || The 1998 25th year of  high quality, affordable orchestra and chamber music for Brooklyn audiences was grand
Artists League of Brooklyn
|| || Upcoming
Meeting the 1st Sunday since '69 (718) 998-9296 718-237-9174 Brooklyn is a creative art center

Police Stations in Brooklyn by

Brooklyn Attractions
Brooklyn Arts Map by
Descriptions of 20 arts organizations by artsonline.
Suggested Brooklyn Itinerary
Suggested Brooklyn Itinerary by

Within a block of Grand Army Plaza are four of Brooklyn's greatest attractions, the Museum, the Park, the Gardens and the Library

brook-Muse.gif (7952 bytes)Brooklyn Museum  || Tel: (718)638-5000, Fax:  638-3731,
This 450,000 square foot Beaux Arts building houses one of premier art institutions in the world with world class collections.   Hosts all the official Carnival Week Events as well.

The Brooklyn Children's Museum || || BCM BCM BCM by fieldtrip 145 Brooklyn Avenue Brooklyn, (718-735-4400). The world's first children's museum has added a shaded rooftop theater and kids cafe. Teach your kids using fun about taking care of their environment and different cultures. Toddler & under 5 stuff
The || Structures || Latin America
"You have to look closely and use your imagination."

As of August 5, 1998, 856 sites had been reviewed & rated

On the Water
On the Waterfront
On the Waterfront by On the Waterfront
A guide to over 30 miles of Shore Line fun and attractions. After all, 5 Major Bridges, 5 Tunnels, major shipping facilities, 2 Canals, and a National Park may mean this stretch is #1 globally.
Brooklyn Waterfront Artists || Programs
Coney Island
Coney Island
by brooklynonline
The original amusement park and national treasure where roller coaster was invented. At the beach! Coney Island Photos.
Deno's Amusement Park  "is Coney Island" right on the Boardwalk at W. 12th St.  & "includes the greatest kiddie park in NYC." FREE Admission. 11am-midnight. Weekends: April, May, Sept, & Oct. Open 7 Days: May, June, July, & August
New York Aquarium || Brooklyn Aquarium
Brooklyn Aquarium by Brooklynonline ||Aquarium for Wildlife Conservation Aquarium for Wildlife Conservation by fieldtrip || Map
West 8th Street and Surf Avenue Brooklyn, NY (718) 265-FISH
At Coney Island on 14 acres, Whales, dolphins, seals, walruses and sharks. || Map
West 8th Street and Surf Avenue Brooklyn, NY (718) 265-FISH
At Coney Island on 14 acres, Whales, dolphins, seals, walruses and sharks.
Aquatheater seats more than 1600 visitors. Stand under a 400-gallon tidal wave and watch as it crashes overhead every 30 seconds. Touch sea urchins and other sea creatures.

The Brooklyn Board Photo Gallery
Larry would love to feature your old Brooklyn photo

Walking Tours of Hasidic Crown Heights || Map || 718-953-5244 (v) / 718-771-6315 (f)
See places normally closed to the general public with a friendly Hassidic Host..
Braggin' About Brooklyn
718-297-5107 (v) / 718-261-7843 (f)
Saturday tours of African-American sites in Brooklyn.
Brooklyn Attitude Tours
718-398-0939 (v) / 718-398-0939 (f)
Experience Brooklyn's cultural diversity on a bus-and-walking tours of Brooklyn, Saturday   July through October.  Midtown Manhattan & Marriott Brooklyn hotel departures. (English, French and Italian and by appointment)

Afrikan Kultural Arts Network Tours
Brazil with a positive group of Afrikan people, Original Gullah Excursion held every May.
Radical Walking Tours ||
Trees, Grass and the Working Class;  Radical Jews; Black & Labor History; Black Radicals; Riots, Folk Singers and Prohibition

Talk About It
The Brooklyn Board
For displaced, misplaced and nostalgic ex-Brooklynites.


The Original America's Team. Where the name Dodger comes from?"
By 1880 Manhattanites routinely called anyone from Brooklyn a "trolley dodger," due to the vast network of street car lines criss-crossing Brooklyn by then"
History of Coney Island
A growing list of over 21 articles. The original settlers were religiconey-.jpg (47872 bytes)ous dissenters from New England led by Lady Moody.When they laid out the town, each of the thirty-nine original settlers received an equal share of the sixteen-acre plot inside the palisade and a corresponding pie shaped segment of the farm land outside.  Decisions were made democratically and you were subject to fines if you did not attend.


Brooklyn gallery dedicated to connecting the spiritual oneness in the world community
Performing Arts Consultants
Performing Arts Consultants produces music and dance festivals throughout the Caribbean and North America  as well as all types of performance tours for Jr. High, Sr. High, and College level students.
African Festivals in Schools || || Home
"Improvisation within traditional forms, an idea inherent in West African culture since time immemorial" Arthur Hall tours and is now based in Maine
Detailing one of the most extraordinary and important time's in your child's life.   Also visit our popular 

Mobile trucks and catering too
Hand made gifts by African Americans & African Caribbeans
Hand made gifts by African Americans & African Caribbeans

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