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The Carnaval parade season spans 4 weekends in Rio, with bloco parades always starting 2 weekends before Carnaval weekend and ending the weekend after Carnaval
You will find plentiful cheap drinks on sale by street vendors. Buy a T-shirt to show your support. Here's how by Wendy
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 It is a great dream of carnavals the world over to be known immortally for your beauty. Rio seems to take this dream to heavenly realms
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Praça Onze
Central Station
Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is known worldwide for its elaborate parades staged by the city’s major samba schools in the Sambadrome.
There are many other types of  Brazilian Carnival
Machine translation to English from Portuguese by google
Porto da Pedra
Rio Grande
Salgueiro -
San Clemente
Vila Isabel
Carnaval Brasileiro
Carnaval Carioca
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Carnival 2008
Samba Schools Parade
Carnaval, Other Larks
 London based sambistas  have an excellent Canaval store too. Giselle has contributed articles to
 Rio Samba clubs and Pagodes.*  Rio.
 How the parades are judged.
Finding the carnival in Rio.
Gringos guide to the Samba School Finals.
The early history of samba schools in
 How to parade with a Rio samba school.

The 12 2008 Special Samba Schools of Rio by

Acadêmicos do Grande Rio
Acadêmicos do Salgueiro
Beija-Flor de Nilópolis
Caprichosos de Pilares
Estação Primeira de Mangueira
Imperatriz Leopoldinense
Império Serrano
Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel
Unidos de Vila Isabel
Unidos do Porto da Pedra
Unidos da Tijuca
Unidos do Viradouro
The Gay Carnival Route in Rio @ .carnival

All about Samba Parades

Street Carnival's Route: Enjoy it!

The Rio Carnival 2008. Hold your heart on!

Rio Carnival Balls

Introduction to Samba Schools

Rio Carnival: Samba Parade Order

Galeria de Fotos @ .galeriado
Huge portal of all things Rio Carnaval
Clubs & Club Directories
Rio Samba clubs and Pagodes. @
Rio's best clubs @travel.
Dance Clubs by
Samba, Salsa & Ballroom @
Rio for parties
If you need the police fone is 190


 Rio de Janeiro


The world's greatest spectacle peaks beginning on Carnaval Friday  when the Mayor turns over the King of Carnaval, Rei Momo for five days of making merry and misrule.
With the help of this guide and its links you can discover the Rio Carnaval of the Streets. There's some other great banda parades which do not get the attention and audience they deserve. Buy a Banda's T-shirt and get an impromptu samba lesson.
During the 5 days of Carnaval there are many events which would be considered spectacular in any other City than Rio de Janeiro but which fall below the media  focused on the zenith represented by the Special Parade on sunday and monday; yet there are parades all five nights in the Sambodromo as well as
Av. Intendente Magalhães - Campinho and downtown's Av. Rio Branco   Samba School rehearsals should not be attempted without experienced help but they are increasingly  easier to access as part of the commerce of costume sales. There are just a few well-known fantastic Balls and many others who aspire to that level but can disappoint if your expecting too much.
hen in doubt head for
Rio Branco Avenue and Cinelandia during the 5 Carnaval days or the Sambódromo and
Terreirão do Samba (Samba Land)starting the 2 or 3 weekends before the Carnaval and the weekend after. Then don't care if you never make it as you keep your antennae up for the rhythm of joy.


Technical Rehearsals in The Sambodrome
There are now many large scale rehearsals that  take place in the Sambodromo. Beginning in December and extending through the Carnaval season.Download There's one and sometimes two most  weekend nights.

The rehearsals are usually without costumes and spectacular  floats but do let  the whole samba school parade down the Avenida performing their song, with the alas of dancers drum bateria and sound truck.

After the rehearsal, there will be a big free street party with very good live samba music and people dancing on the samba run-way.
There is always a large selection of street food vendors around the sambadromo.
Admission fee Cost for admission increases towards Carnival time and is around R$10-30. Tickets are sold there at the box office. [more]

Samba Parties at their Rehearsal Halls

 All Rio samba schools have a dance hall which open, in most cases, at weekends for anyone. It is like a night club with live samba music played by the groups drummers. Many of the school rehearsal halls are located in neighborhoods that require a guide or local help to keep you safe. Here you can just have fun watching the crowd or dance yourself, while learning the samba lyrics that will be sung during that school´s Parade.
Mangueira and Salgueiro, are located within a reasonable cab ride from the Zona Sul. Viradouro's rehearsals  in Niteroi across the bay are also popular with visitors.

The Special 11 Schools of Samba

 are joined by a potential replacement from the access league each year

Pracinha Wallace Paes Leme, 1.025 - Nilópolis - Tel.: 2791-2866 
Three-peat champion 2003, 2004 & 2005 and again in 2007. 
For 2008, the committee chose the plot of carnival "Macabapá: Equinox Solar, fantastic journey into half the world" and tries to win its 11th  title.
DANCE HALL/REHEARSALS: Thursdays, from 21h -Quadra da Escola, Rua Pracinha Wallace Paes Leme, 1025 Nilópolis - RJ (this is outside Rio, about an hour and a half's drive from central Rio)  Colors: Blue and white

Caprichosos de Pilares

Rua Faleiros, 1 - Pilares - Tel.: 2592-5620 Established in 1949, the Capricious ones its conquered all three lower leagues before the special with intervals of 11 years (1960, 1971 and 1982). In 2005 it was in 11ª rank, after one 14º place in 2004 and one 10º in 2003.
Colors: Blue and white
DANCE HALL/ REHEARSALS: Saturdays, from 23h - Quadra da Escola, Rua Faleiros, 1 Pilares - Rio de Janeiro (Zona Nord)

GRANDE RIO Founded in the City of Duque de Caxias in 1988, the school made the Special group the following year. With Carnavalesco Roberto Szaniecki the school won the vice-championship. For 2008, the school de Caxias will honor the city of Coari, in the Amazon, with an examination of petrochemicals and our future.  
/ REHEARSALS:Tuesdays (from 3rd Jan), from 20h - Quadra da Escola, Rua Almirante Barroso 05 e 06 , Duque de Caxias - RJ
Fridays (from 6th Jan), from 23h - Quadra da Escola,
Red, green and white

Imperatriz Leopoldinense
Rua Professor Lacê, 235 - Ramos - Tel.: 2560-8067
Founded in 1959, north of Rio in bairro de Ramos. One of the most successful schools in recent years having achieved a threepeat championship in 1999, 2000 and 2001 established in 1959. carnavalesca Magalhães 
Colors: Green and white
DANCE HALL/ REHEARSALS: Sundays, from 19h - Quadra da Escola, Rua Professor Lacê 35, Ramos - RJ (Zona Nord) imperatriz 
(unofficial site]



The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Estação Primeira de Mangueira
Rua Visconde de Niterói, 1.072 - Mangueira
Tel.: 2567-4637
MANGUEIRA  Mangueira is the winner of 18 carnival parades in Rio de Janeiro the years: 1932, 1933, 1934, 1940, 1949 (UGESB), 1950 (UCES), 1954, 1960, 1961, 1967, 1968, 1973, 1984, 1984 Super Cup , 1986, 1987, 1998, 2002.
Since its founding in 1932 Mangueria has won 18 championships, the last one being 2002. Together with Portela, it claims the invention of the enredo or story-telling component of the parade.
Colors: Green and rose
DANCE HALL/ REHEARSALS: Saturdays , from 22h - Quadra da Escola, Rua Visconde de Niterói 1072, Mangueira - Rio de Janeiro (North Central)

Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel

Tamarindo, 38 - Padre Miguel
Tel.: 3332-5823 
 The school is famous for its batteria, considered "10 note" and inventor of "paradinha". It was the Youth that also invented the figure of the Godmother of the Batteria, in 1985, with Monique Evans. The school already conquered five championships, the last one in 1996, but needs to finish in the top 5 soon to keep its status as an elite school.
DANCE HALL/ REHEARSALS: Saturdays from 22h - Quadra da Escola, Rua Coronel Tamarindo 38, Padre Miguel - Rio de Janeiro (this is outside Rio, about an hour and a half's drive from central Rio. Sundays - rehearsal in the quadra of the Bangu Atletico Clube from 17h, Rua Sul Americ 950, Bangu.


Rua João Silva, 84 - Porto da Pedra - São Gonçalo - Tel.: 2605-2984
 Shares its name with an affiliated soccer club.
DANCE HALL/ REHEARSALS: Fridays, from 22h - Quadra da Escola, Av. Lúcio Tomé Seteira 290, São Gonçalo - RJ (Outside of Rio de Janeiro - about an hour and a half's drive)

Colors: Red and white

Rua Clara Nunes, 81 – Madureira - Tel.: 2489-6440
One of the oldest schools of Rio De Janeiro, the Portela was born in the Madureira neighborhood. The school is the only one who has participated in all the parades and has won 21 championships.
 Colors: Blue and white
DANCE HALL/ REHEARSALS:Wednesdays, from 20h - Quadra da Escola, Rua Clara Nunes 81, Madureira - Rio de Janeiro (Zona Nord)
Fridays, from 22h - Quadra da Escola
1st Saturdays of every month - Feijoada da Família Portelense –with a show from the Velha Guarda - Quadra da Escola 

Rua Silva Teles, 104 - Tijuca - Tels.: 2288-3065 / 2281-3134
This school from a zone north of Rio, was established in 1953 and made its first parade in 1954 capturing the championship eight times, the last one of them in 1993. Always a strong contender
Colors: Red and white
DANCE HALL/ REHEARSALS:Tuesdays, às 22h - Pagode da Alegria - Quadra da Escola - Rua Silva Teles, 104, Andaraí - Rio de Janeiro (central)
Wednesdays, from 20h - Quadra da Escola , - Tel: (21) 2493-0005 

Av. Presidente Vargas, 3102 - Centro - Tel: 2223-0641 
Barracão n°9 - Cidade do 2008 Samba
Plot Theme: “Kind-hearted João VI in Rio: The rediscovery of Brazil”

Unidos da Tijuca

Av. Francisco Bicalho, 47 – Clube dos Portuários - São Cristóvão
Tels.: 2516-4053, 2233-8976 
Tijuca has strong ties to Portuguese traditions. The school was born December 31, 1931, in the Carioca quarter of the Tijuca, formed by fabric and cigarette factory workers. Over 60% still belong to this community. Tijuca, was runner-up in 2004 and also in 2005,
Colors: Blue pavão and yellow gold
DANCE HALL/ REHEARSALS:Saturdays (from 7th Jan), from 22h, - Quadra da Escola, no Clube dos Portuários, Av. Francisco Bicalho, 47, Tijuca - Rio de Janeiro (Central)

Vila Isabel
The School paraded for the first time in 1947 e, since 1966, it is famous for its main composer the celebrated sambista Martinho da Vila. In 1988  the School won it only champtionship till it surprised everyone by winning in 2006 and being sponsored by Venezuela and Hugo Chavez. In 2004 as champion of the 2003 Access Group parade it in returned and took 10th.  Colors: Blue and white
DANCE HALL/ REHEARSALS: Thursdays, from 20h30, - Quadra da Escola, Boulevard 28 de Setembro 382, Vila Isabel - Rio de Janeiro (Central)
Saturdays (from 7th Jan), from 22h - Quadra da Escola, Boulevard 28 de Setembro 382, Vila Isabel - Rio de Janeiro (Central) gresunidos

Av. do Contorno, 16 – Barreto - Niterói -Tel.: 2628-7840
Established in 1946, the school from across the bay in Niterói joined the Rio special parade in 1991. In 1997, the Viradouro conquered the first place in the Carioca Carnival, with the carnavalesco Joãosinho Trinta. Juliana Paes is batteria queen .
Colors: Red and white
DANCE HALL/ REHEARSALS:Saturdays ( from 22h) and Tuesdays from 21h, - Quadra da Escola, Avenida do Contorno, l6 - Barreto - Niterói


Terreirão do Samba SAMBA LAND ||top ||
 An open air courtyard is Samba Land where performances ared  presented during the weekend before Carnaval, and continues at full steam ahead on Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon and Tues and on the Champion‘s Saturday. Stalls offer typical food and drink, while a huge stage draws all attention, with Brazilian top music shows.

BALLS near the Sambodrome

"There are plenty of other gay and mixed balls downtown and around the Sambodrome on the Avenida Marquês de Sapucaí. Ask around about which ones are safe though, as some of them attract a rougher crowd where it would probably be wiser to go with a local. "
RIO's Carnival Balls by

between Sambódromo and subway station Av. Presidente Vargas
Organized by: Riotur - Tel.: 2217-7575
Admission: ($5)

You can get to the Sambódromo by metrô but be prepared to take a taxi  as Rio’s metrô doesn’t run through the night although it has made special exceptions in recent years for Carnaval Sunday & Monday.
Praca Onze or Central will be your station [more]

* ‘Discípulos de Oswaldo’ – 6pm Bar do Chico (Rua Castro Tavares, 185 SAUDE Manguinhos) – bloco formed by functionaries of FIOCRUZ

* ‘Esse e o Bom, Mas ninguem Sabe’ (This is the good stuff, but nobody knows’) (Cosmo Velho) Meets at 6.30 in the quadra dos Guararapes in Cosme Velho, colours blue and yellow.

Thursday, January 31st
Mangueira Carnival Ball

Experience the music and atmosphere of one of the most traditional and well-known samba schools (Mangueira) without having to visit its rehearsal space. The School will have it all - its drummer group, its principal samba dancers and the flag bearer and her escort. It is a true and real samba night; you can dance all night or just watch and enjoy the crowd. This is a traditional event which happens every year.
Venue: Rio Scala, Avenida Afrânio de Melo Franco 296 - Leblon
Tel: 2239-4448 / 2511-4140 (English spoken after 15:.00)
Admission: R$40.00 VIP box seat: R$160.00
Table: R$300.00

* ‘Bloco Galo da Meia Noite’, parade of a traditional bloco parading in old style carnaval to the music of Marchinas , at Rua Rogério Weber between Avenida Pinheiro Machado and Rua Duque de Caxias, from 5pm

* ‘Escravos da Mauá’ (CENTRAL Praça Mauá) – “Slaves of Maua” Meets from 7pm at Largo de S. Francisco da Prainha, next to Rua Sacadura Cabral. Meets from 6pm, following a circular route returning to Praça Mauá. Originally formed by civil servants from the National Institue of Technology which is located in Praça Mauá, the location of the old slave market

* ‘Banda do Metro da Cruz Vermelha’ (CENTRAL) Meet at Rua do Lavradio

* 15.2.06'Banda da Rua do Mercado' (CENTRAL). rehearsals on Fridays at 7pm, at Bar Kamikaze (rua do Mercado, 23); parade on the 15th.
More on the Blocos & Bandas schedule




Rio Carnaval
 in the Image Server

Rio Carnaval:
Our Image Guide


Samba Schools
Street Carnaval
2008 Carnaval
2007 Carnaval


Samba City
Samba City opened to visitors in 2006, from 9am to 5pm, from Wednesdays to Mondays, with performances, drummers, sewing and sculpture, dance and Pocket Shows at 10am, noon and 3:30pm.
It is a huge space built to be able to accomodate the Carnaval floats with each of the special samba schools being given an area to create a presence


* From an outside sidewalk, the visitor will go through all factories, watching the allegories construction from an 8m high balcony.

There are varied activities at the Samba City as it grows to become a great year-round attraction. Please call the phones: (21) 2213-2503 or (21) 2213-2546.
In in Port Area (Gamboa) near the Cruise Ship Terminal

Rio Blocos 

The Rio Blocos, after slowly growing for many years, have emerged as both a great spectator attraction and opportunity to become part of the Carnaval on the streets of Rio de Janeiro.

In fact as the City tries to focus on ORDER there is a growing call for more permitting and restrictions from the affected neighborhood residents. However the bull is loose and spectacular growth continues to accelerate and the 2010 2nd year registration records nearly 500 parades.


There are 72 samba schools in Rio and they all parade during the 4 days of carnival from Saturday 2nd to Tuesday 5th Feb, 2008.
Samba Schools
One of these groups will be in the Special Group next year. Their parade in the Sambodromo on Carnaval Saturday continues to grow in popularity
For 2008 GRES Estácio de Sá and
Império Serrano droped to Grupo A. San Clemente school as champion of the Group of The Access in 2007 joins the special samba parade.
In 2006, Tradico dropped to Grupo A and Vila Isabel rejoined the Special Samba Schools in spectacular fashion by winning the championship in 2006 just 2 years after leaving its 4 year stay with Gruop A.

mains with the elite Special 14 Samba Schools who make up LEISA for 2005.


DANCE HALL/ REHEARSALS: Saturdays from 22h - Quadra da Escola, Av. Salvador de Sá, 206/208 - Estácio - RJ

Sundays and Thursdays from 20h - street rehearsal, in front of metro station praca Onze

Império Serrano
Av. Ministro Edgard Romero, 114 - Madureira
Tel.: (21) 2489-8722
DANCE HALL/ REHEARSALS: Saturdays from 23h - Quadra da Escola, Av. Ministro Edgard Romero 114, Madureira - RJ (Zona Nord). Street rehearsals starting in front of the quadra heading towards Estrada da Portela

Acadêmicos da Rocinha  Champion of the Access Group in 2005, with the plot "a world without borders",   Adriane Galisteu will be batteria godmother. Established 30 of March  1988, the Acadêmicos da Rocinha  by fusing  three blocos of the community of São Conrado  together, it takes  a butterfly as symbol. Its three first carnivals had been developed by Joãosinho Thintay. However, the school oscillated between the special parade and the Access Group regularly constantly: it went up in 1996, it fell in 1997, it went up in 1998, it fell in 1999, it went up in 2000, fell in 2001, until it returns in 2006 for the hands of the carnavalesco Alex de Souza. The 2006 plot  is "Happiness Does not have Price". Colors: Blue, green and white

 ROCINHA . DANCE HALL/ REHEARSALS: Saturdays from 20h - Quadra da Escola -Rua Bertha Lutz, nº 80 São Conrado - Rio de Janeiro (suburbs)



Ouça o samba enredo do Carnaval 2008





ROCINHA . DANCE HALL/ REHEARSALS:Saturdays (from 7th Jan), from 20h - Quadra da Escola -Rua Bertha Lutz, nº 80 São Conrado - Rio de Janeiro (suburbs)








Samba School Parades
There are 72 samba schools in Rio plus the youth groups and they all parade during the 5 days of carnival from Friday  to Tuesday  The samba schools are organized into competitive leagues. There are 4 areas for the parades,


---Av.Rio Branco

 in the outer suburbs

Intendente Magalhães

---Rua Cardoso de Morais - Bonsucesso



5 days of Carnaval begin!
at the Sambadrome
Terreirão do Samba

Venue: Praça Onze - Av. Presidente Vargas next to Sector 1 of the Sambadrome.

A visit to Samba Land during Carnival takes visitors to a dreamland of color, rhythm, music, MPB shows, pagode and authentic samba, all blended into a fantastic setting that sweeps visitors away. This is the cradle of samba as samba is supposed to have been born around here. More to the point, you will find 50 food stands and live concerts on the stage.
Venue: Praça Onze - Presidente Vargas Ave. next to Sector 1 of the Sambadrome
Centro (Downtown)
Nearby you can join the crowds watching the samba schools concentrate There's countless Carnaval vendors lining Av. Presidente Vargas  but Samba Land is only  R$5.00
Weekend before & after Carnaval and the 5 days of Carnaval Fri-Shrove Tuesday
Organized e promoted by RIOTUR - Tel.: 2217-7557

The four days of Carnival feature street-balls held all over town, whose main purpose is to preserve the spirit of street festivities. These can be considered the small stages with music programs. The biggest is at the square surrounding the entrance to the Cinelandia Metro station. Many parades also end here making this area Carnaval central for the street Carnaval.
Venues: balls in several places of the city
Time: From 8pm through 2am
Promoted and organized by RIOTUR - Tel.: 2217-7557 who also organize a decorated bandstand contest spotlight the artistic talents of neighborhoods and communities. Awards for creativity, using color, light and animation.
Venues: Various districts
Time: From 8pm to 2 am

In 2005 AOL's Mapquest began providing street level zoom maps
Carnaval Schools Group A


To the beat of samba drums, the King in red and white robes and crown received a giant symbolic key to the city from Mayor Cesar Maia who said he "officially abdicated" until Ash Wednesday, transferring all his powers to the Carnival Emperor. King Momo and his 2008 Queen are given the keys to the City by the Mayor of Rio de Janeiro so they may reign over the city during the five days on the road of celebration beyond time and space.

 All Hail Rei Momo 

[unconfirmed] The official opening ceremony of the carnival festivities will begin at 2 pm on Praça Onze. The Mayor of Rio de Janeiro, in a symbolic act, will hand the city key to Rei Momo who will be accompanied by the carnival Queen and Princess. They will then ride around downtown on an open carriage pulled by four horses in the style of the 30s. Four antique cars will follow with revelers in costume, singing, throwing confetti and streamers. There will also be a mounted Rei Momo Guard of eight horsemen dressed in character. [In 2009 the new Mayor was not able to attend]

WHERE: Praça Onze, Metro Stop
Ave. Rio Branco Downtown
WHEN: Carnaval Friday  2 p.m. - free

RIOC0111.jpgThe star of the Rio Street Carnaval and a good meeting place for Carnaval set amidst some of Rio most regal buildings in the transit center of the City.   Since 1990, the Cinelandia Ball featuring some of Rio Carnaval’s greatest idols performing on a stage set up in front of Rio’s Municipal Chamber has been a highlight for locals and visitors.  Good, old Brazilian-Rio music, mainly samba. The crowd (mainly older and working-class people) joins in and dances away to the tunes. The public can dance and sing to famous by-gone Carnaval songs by the artists backed by two  orchestras and its all FREE.

Time: From 8 pm on
Organized and promoted by RIOTUR - Tel.:
WHEN: Carnaval Friday - Tuesday
Venue: Praça Floriano - Cinelândia Downtown

During the afternoon and early evening, this metro stop acts as dispersal area for the parades of the alternative bands

Parade of JUNIOR Samba Schools-
Sambódromo  Passarela do Samba Professor Darcy
Start: From 7pm

The children’s samba schools (Escolas mirim) of Rio deDownload Janeiro were started in the early 80’s. Their parade opens the Rio de Janeiro carnival on the Friday night of carnival, when entry to the sambodromo is free.

The children’s samba schools are educational and social projects designed to complement a formal school education, particularly for young people of 14 – 21 years of age, and to train them up to professional standards in the crafts practiced in a samba school.

There are 12 Escolas de samba Mirins with 1000 to 2000 participants


 Infantes do Lins, Virando Esperança, Império do Futuro, Mel do Futuro, Nova Geração do Estácio de Sá, Corações Unidos do CIEP, Miúda da Cabuçu, Inocentes da Caprichosos, Mangueira do Amanhã, Herdeiros da Vila, Petizes da Penha, Tijuquinha do Borel, Aprendizes do Salgueiro, Estrelinha da Mocidade, Filhos da Águia, Golfinhos da Guanabara, Pimpolhos da Grande Rio.

Red and Black at the Scala (Leblon) from 11 p.m.
This night celebrates and is dedicated to the world-famous Rio football team, Flamengo, with the red-and-black striped flag. It is one of the most popular nights.
Admission: R$80.00
VIP box seat: R$190.00
Table: R$600.00
Rola Preguiçosa
Route: Rua Maria Quitéria, Rua Visconde de Piraja to Rua Farme de Amoedo.
Fri, February 1, from 7pm to 10pm

- Embaixadores da Folia
Route: Av. Rio Branco, on the corner of Rua São Bento (Meeting place at 6pm), Av. Rio Branco towards Lapa
Fri, February 1, at 7pm


The 4-day Downtown or City Centre Carnaval has become must visit during Carnaval.  Named for the subway stop and known for the square surrounded by some of Rio's most beautiful buildings. During the day the main stage has non-stop entertainment  provided by the parading groups dancing their way through. After 8pm the headliners perform.
The Rio Branco parades (Saturday Night is the big night)
tend to disperse near hear leading to a constant flow of new costumed characters.
traditional meeting place for Carnaval among the Cariocas. , the Cinelandia Ball, founded in 1990 has since been one of the biggest street spectacles, welcoming over 60 thousand people during the five days of the event. Carnaval’s greatest idols perform on a stage set up in front of Rio’s Municipal Chamber. The public can dance and sing to famous by-gone Carnival songs by famous artists.
Venue: Praça Floriano - Cinelândia Downtown
Time: From 8p.m. on.
Organized and promoted by RIOTUR - Tel.: 2217-7557
Scala Carnaval Balls
Rio Scala
The large nightclub venue has been holding famous Carnaval parties since it opened in 1980

You will find standard tickets for most events on the door even on the night, just do not arrive too late.
VIP box prices are per person and include unlimited alcoholic drinks (except whiskey) and free buffet with sushi, fruit and snack bar.

For the Gay and Gala Balls, buy tickets a few days in advance.
Tables which seat 4 at least 4 days in advance
Call and confirm reservations closer
Rio Scala
Avenida Afrânio de Melo Franco 296, Leblon
Tel: (+55 21) 2239-4448

Carnaval Friday,
Red and Black Ball

The night celebrates and is dedicated to the world-famous, red-and-black flagged Rio football team, Flamengo. It is a well-known long-standing Carnaval tradition and a very  popular night because of the reputation for the many beautiful ladies in skimpy Carnaval costumes dancing to the sexy samba rhythms.
Admission R$80.00
Table R$600.00

Carnaval Saturday,
Ball of the Marvelous City

The night celebrates and is dedicated to the city of Rio de Janeiro.
Admission R$80.00
Table R$600.00

Carnaval Sunday,
Scala Gala Ball

The biggest ball in the whole series, with some special guests.
Admission R$40.00
Table R$300.00
Carnaval Monday
Ball of all folks-free beer

 Carnaval where  DJs playing dance, Hip-Hop and club music mixed with samba.
Admission R$50.00
Table R$300.00
Tuesday, February 20th
Gay Costume Ball

TV cameras come out in force to record a spectacular, erotic and exotic collection of  characters playing their long planned masquerades. Famous for its grand entrance of flamboyant drag queens and their admirers. Everyone is invited who admires fabulous gay culture.
Admission R$80.00
Table R$700.00
Tickets to most balls will cost you around R$20 to R$50 ($10-20) and are available on the door. Exceptions are the two most famous ones in the luxury hotels Copacabana Palace Carnaval Ball and Gloria Hotel Costume Conpetition on Carnaval Saturday.
Other great balls are in the Rio Scala. Clube dos Caiçaras and the Hard Rock Café's
Kid's Folia also organize animated costume balls for adults and children.

Samba percussion is very loud and earplugs work well at lowering the volume. You might want to bring extra for  friends or backup.

Hard Rock Cafe

the Hard Rock Café’s Kid’s Folia organizes animated costume balls for adults and children and is a very popular dance club year round. 
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 Rio Scenarium
Carnival Ball in the Restaurant  Rio Scenarium
Saturday, February 17th and Sunday, February 18th
Dinner Club with 3 very tall  floors filled with unique antiques
Rua do Lavradio, 20 – Lapa
Admission R$30.00
Tel.: 2233-3239

check out Flickr's offerings on the Scenarium.


Evenings at CinelandiaSAMBA LAND
Rio Branco Avenue bows to the alternative bands that parade on the four days of carnival from Cinelandia metro station follow Rio Branco up to find a good spot to watch the costumed parading revelers.
Among the traditional attractions are:
Bafo da Onça, Cacique de Ramos, Bohêmios de Irajá, Pagodão de Madureira, Bloco Afro and many others.
Venue: Av. Rio Branco
WHEN: Carnaval Saturday-Tuesday 2pm to 7pm.
More Costume Contests
The Carnaval stage at the Cinelandia square often conducts costume contests too for the many paraders dispersing from their presentation on Rio Branco here

Besides the Balls, there are 16 stages throughout the city compete with each other and often hold costume contests.

The huge and dazzling costumes represent historical characters or different concepts, according to the imagination of the gentlemen, ladies and of drag queens that participate in the event. The contestants parade in the following categories:

  • women’s luxury and originality,
  • men’s luxury and originality,
  • women’s show costume
  • drag queen.
WHERE: Centro de Convenções do Hotel Glória - Rua do Russel, 632 - Glória - Tels.: 2555-7272 - Fax: 2555-7282
Support: RIOTUR
WHEN: Time: From 7pm on
Dates: the afternoon of the Saturday of carnival
Directed and organized by Arnaldo Montel - Tel.: 2240-4414
Hotel Gloria by tripAdvisor


Sat, Sun, Mon & Tues
Each year the Rio Follies exceed themselves, a Carnaval event acclaimed as a storehouse of novelties, rhythms and styles always presenting pleasant surprises, starting at 8pm and ending around 4am for the Lapa neighborhood public. Between lyricism and modernism, the shows present varying tendencies from funk to hip-hop, samba to rock, reggae to “forró” and performer groups. It always has pleasant surprises featuring concerts ranging from traditional Brazilian music to the latest trends.

There is a popular eating area with small drink and barbecue stands. Lots of booze and cheap “junk” food. The essence of Brazilian life.

All this mixture of styles start on Saturday and ending on Shrove Tuesday,
Venue: Largo da Lapa, in front of Aqueduto da Carioca
Start: From 8p.m on
Promoted and organized by RIOTUR - Tel.: 2217-7557
This parade features 10 spectacular samba schools presenting their themes in costume, music, dance and lighting, featuring a wide variety of original topics reflected in colorful floats. Each year a school is upgraded from the Access Group (also called Group A) to the Special Group of the top 14, 

Coordinated by: Associação das Escolas de Samba do Rio de Janeiro - Tels.: 2596-1127, 2269-3445
This parade features 9 spectacular samba schools

The A through E Groups of  Samba School Leagues are organzied by Associação das Escolas de Samba da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro
 For carnival 2008, as LIESA reduced the number of special group schools to 12 following transition years in 2006 and 2007, increases the groups in Group A. Also two will fall to Group B and one will rise to the Special Group

 presenting their themes in costume, music, dance and lighting, featuring a wide variety of original topics reflected in colorful floats. These huge schools are divided into groups, “comissão de frente” which opens the parade, follow by several wings or “alas” and the “bateria” percussion section. This Group has a special parade at the Sambadrome, as is the second highest ranking with the champion promoted to the Special Group next year.
Parade Order:

1. Estácio de Sá
2. União da Ilha do Governador
3. Acadêmicos do Cubango
4. Lins Imperial
5. Império da Tijuca
6. Caprichosos de Pilares
7. Acadêmicos de Santa Cruz
8. Renascer de Jacarepaguá
9. Acadêmicos da Rocinha
10. Império Serrano

Venue:Passarela do Samba Professor Darcy Ribeiro - Sambódromo - Rua Marquês de Sapucaí - Cidade Nova 
Time: at 8pm


The Carnival Costumed Bands are affiliated to the Federation of Carnival “Blocos” of the State of Rio de Janeiro.
The following components will be judged for all Groups: Percussion, samba, progression, costumes, opening wing, allegories 2(Groups I and II), plot, standard-bearers, choreography of the master of ceremonies and standard-bearer.
Flor do Estácio, Vassourinhas, Gavião do Mar e Prato Misterioso.
Venue: Av. Rio Branco
Start: At 7pm
Group I
includes: Mocidade Unida de Manguariba, Boca de Siri, Flor da Primavera, Raízes da Tijuca, Do Barriga, União da Ponte, Simpatia do Jardim da Primavera, Coroado de Jacarepaguá, Império do Gramacho e Unidos do Alto da Boa Vista.
Venue: Avenida Rio Branco - Downtown
Start: 8pm
Groups II III & III in the suburbs
In the northern suburbs is a secret spot where they are said to swallow tourists and no foreigner who has ever ventured there has ever returned with an internet report much less a flickr foto.
Group IIs include 
Mocidade Unida da Mineira, Chatuba de Mesquita, Cometas do Bispo, Tigre de Bonsucesso, Novo Horizonte, Sorriso de Criança, Unidos de Tubiacanga, Magnatas de Engenheiro Pedreira, Falcão Dourado e Do China.
Venue: Estrada Intendente Magalhães - Campinho
Start: At 8 pm

Group III
 Favo de Acari, Grilo de Bangu, Esperança de Nova Campinas,
Amizade da Água Branca, Tradição Barreirense de Mesquita, Unidos de Parada Angélica, Luar de Prata, Chora na Rampa, Roda Quem Pode
Local Venue: Rua Cardoso de Morais - Bonsucesso
Start: At 10pm

Group of Valuation Bands
Colibri de Mesquita, Estrela de Paz e Unidos da Laureano.
Venue: Rua Cardoso de Morais - Bonsucesso
Start: At 8pm

 Copacabana Palace Luxury Ball

Directed by Zeca Marques.
The music, under the coordination of Arnaldo Montel, is played by Maestro Formiga’s orchestra.

Since its rebirth in the early nineties this Ball has attained the status of the most prestigious ball to attend. The Ball most associated Carnival Saturday, this is a sumptuous event as required by the hotel’s standards.  Young men and women in masks are hired to entertain and will you onto the dance floor,
"If you like to rub shoulders with the rich and famous, this is the ball you are looking for."

Rio Carnival Balls by

Venue: Copacabana Palace Hotel - Av. Atlântica, 1.702 – Copacabana - Tel.: 2548-7070
Dress: tuxedos or luxury costumes
Time: From 11pm to 4 am
Dates: CARNAVAL Saturday
Venue: Copacabana Palace Hotel - Av. Atlântica, 1.702
Admission:  US$380 for standing room and takes off from their depending on your dining room.  Visit the Copancabana Hotel or ask your hotel for help purchasing in advance or visit

  • The festivities commence with a Carnival Buffet dinner
  • Dress Requirements: Gentlemen - Black Tie or Luxury Costume, Ladies - Gala or luxury costume.
  • You must be over 18 to attend this event.

    Saturday, February 2nd
    Ball of the Marvelous City

    The night celebrates and is dedicated to the city of Rio de Janeiro.  Venue: Rio Scala, Avenida Afrânio de Melo Franco 296 - Leblon
    Tel: 2239-4448 / 2511-4140





    Year round Carnaval tourist attraction built by the City is open. Not to be confused with the original Samba Land outside the Sambodromo

    Cinelandia for a simple inexpensive Carnaval experience among the native Cariocas during the 4 days of Carnaval. Take the metro




    Evenings at RIO FOLIA, Cinelandia & SAMBA LAND


    Sambadromo Fast Facts

    Seats are mostly standard bleachers (arquibancadas) or cement benches, which do benefit from a cushion. Also there's runway boxes (frisas), and mezzanine boxes (camarotes). Sector 9 has numbered seats. The special pararde on Sunday & Tuesday sell-out while options and prices  dramatically improve for the other non-televised nights.[more]

     The show starts about 9 p.m., and ends past the break of dawn 10 hours later. Each of the 7 samba schools will parade for 70 to 85 minutes  Expect to pay from US$100 to $300  if you want to get a good view. This is the world's greatest percussion event too, so ear plugs are easy to bring along. This parade is the high point of Carnival watched by over 100 million on TV throughout Latin America. These special group samba schools of 3,500 to 5,000 members stand out for the magnificence and luxury of their parade art form.
    Coordenação Coordinator: Liga das Escolas de Samba do Rio de Janeiro - LIESA - Tel.: 2253-7676

    Order of the Special Samba Schools or Rio de Janeiro for 2010

    check out youtube jukebox players upated for 2010!
     Carnaval Sunday, February 15, 2010
    Start of parades: 9:00 p.m.


    Carnaval Monday, February 16
    Start of parades: 9:00 p.m.


    Venue: Passarela do Samba Professor Darcy Ribeiro - Sambodromo  - Rua Marquês de Sapucaí - Cidade Nova
    Time: At 9 pm

    Venue: Estrada Intendentes Magalhães - Campinho
    Time: At 19 horas
    Date: Carnaval Sunday

    Parade Order 2010:


    This contest is designed to encourage the creative participation of the anonymous merry-makers dancing through the street.
    Sun - Children and Adults
    Mon - Groups
    Tues - Groups ( clowns )
    Venue: Cinelândia,
    Promoted and organized by RIOTUR - Tel.: 2217-7557
    Time: 1pm-7pm

    Dates: Carnaval Sunday -Tuesday in 2006

    Sunday, February 3rd
    Gala Ball

    This is the biggest ball in the series with some special guests.
    Admission: R$40.00
    VIP box seat: R$160.00
    Table: R$300.00

    dance party
    try B.I.T.C.H. at theme park Terra Encantada.



    Evenings at RIO FOLIA, Cinelandia & SAMBA LAND


    Coordinator: Liga das Escolas de Samba do Rio de Janeiro - LIESA - Tel.: 2253-7676
    The second night of the major samba schools parade.

    2010 Special Samba Schools' Parade Order
    see Sunday above

    Venue: Passarela do Samba Professor Darcy Ribeiro - Sambodromo  - Rua Marquês de Sapucaí - Cidade Nova
    Time: At 9pm


    Group Of Valuation
    Parade Order: Favo de Acari e Acadêmicos da Botija.
    Venue: Av. Rio Branco - Downtown
    Time: At 8pm

    Venue: Avenida Rio Branco - Downtown
    Time: At 10pm     
    Parade Groups include:
    Tradição Barreirense de Mesquita, Chatuba de Mesquita, Amizade da Água Branca, Chora na Rampa, Esperança de Nova Campinas, Grilo de Bangu, Unidos de Parada Angélica, Roda Quem Pode e Mocidade ,Unida da Mineira.

    Venue: Estrada Intendentes Magalhães-Campinho [Northern Suburbs] as 19 horas 2010 Parade Order: .



      Evenings at RIO FOLIA, Cinelandia & SAMBA LAND

    Av. Rio Branco - Downtown
    Venue: Av. Rio Branco - Downtown
    Date: Feb 8 2005


    "The most glitzy ball of all is the gay gala ball at the Scala in the Leblon district on Tuesday. The costumes are luxury and exotic and the whole affair is televised (so if you're camera shy, wear a mask). "

    A fun event is the straight-friendly Scala Gay Costume Ball which stars exotic costumes, characters and grand entrances.  The ball is broadcast on TV to all Brazilian states, practice your Portuguese in case your picked for an interview.  Wear something colorful and fun, and you may be picked out for an interview!
    Where: Leblon

    Phone: (21) 2239-4448
    Dates: Carnaval Tuesday

    These schools average around 1,500 members and parade with much vigor. You can purchase tickets at the gate and enjoy first rate seats for a small fraction of the special parade price. The crowd energy is lacking but the performers will show their appreciation of your camera work
    Coordenação: Associação das Escolas de Samba do Rio de Janeiro - Tel.: 2596-1127
    Venue: Passarela do Samba Professor Darcy Ribeiro -
    Sambodromo  - Rua Marquês de Sapucaí - Cidade Nova
    Time: 9pm
    Dates: Feb Carnaval Tuesday
    2010 GRUPO B Parade Order
    Data:  (terça-feira) Marques de Sapucaí as 19:00 horas
     Data: 5 de fevereiro (terça-feira)
    Estrada Intendentes Magalhães-Campinho
    as 20 horas
    2010 Parade Order:


    BLOCOS Street Carnival
    Banda da Duvivier
    Route: Rua Duvivier, Rua Barata Ribeiro, Rua Inhangá, Av. N. Sra. de Copacabana to Rua Duvivier.
    Sat, February 2 from 5pm to 10pm
    Tues, February 5, from 5pm to 10pm

    Banda da Bolívar
    Route: Rua Bolivar, Rua Aires Saldanha, Rua Almirante Gonçalves, Av. Atlântica and returning to Av. Atlantica.
    Sat-Tues, February 2-5, from 2pm to 10pm

    Banda Sá Ferreira
    Route: Av. Atlântica on the corner of Rua Sá Ferreira, Rua Bulhões de Carvalho, Rua Francisco Otaviano, Av. N. Sra. de Copacabana, Rua Xavier da Silveira and Av. Atlântica.
    Sat-Tues, February 2-5, from 4pm to 10pm

    Banda Santa Clara
    Route: Rua Santa Clara on the corner of Rua Domingos Ferreira, following Av. Atlântica, Rua Paula Freitas, Rua Barata Ribeiro and returning to Rua Santa Clara by Rua Barata Ribeiro.
    Sat-Tues, February 2-5, from 4pm to 10pm

    Banda Miguel Lemos
    Route: Rua Miguel Lemos, Rua Aires Saldanha, only meeting place.
    Sun, February 3, from 3pm to 10pm
    Tues, February 5, from 3pm to 10pm

    Bloco Carnavalesco Boca Seca
    Route: Rua Gustavo Sampaio, Rua Aurelino Leal, Av. Atlântica, Av. Princesa Isabel, Rua Gustavo Sampaio and Praça Ary Barroso.
    Sun, February 3, from 5pm to 9pm
    Tues, February 5, from 5pm to 9pm

    Clube do Samba
    Route: Av. Atlântica, track near the beach, from Santa Clara to Rua Almirante Gonçalves
    Tues, February 5, from 2pm to 7pm

    Bloco Galinha do Meio Dia
    Route: Av. Atlântica corner of Rua Prado Junior to Rua Francisco Otaviano ending opposite the Hotel Sofitel Rio de Janeiro
    Tues, February 5, from 2pm to 6pm

    Bloco Carnavalesco Katuca que ela púla
    Route: Rua Siqueira Campos (Ladeira dos Tabajaras), Rua Barata Ribeiro, Rua Santa Clara, Av. Atlântica, Rua Figueiredo Magalhães ending at Ladeira dos Tabajaras.
    Tues, February 5, from 3pm to 10pm

    Banda Braguinha
    Route: Start Hotel Copacabana Palace to Av. Princesa Isabel (Praça Demétrio Ribeiro)
    Tues, February 5, from 4pm to 6pm

    Meu Bem Volto Já
    Route: Rua Princesa Isabel, Av. Atlântica on one half the street to Leme.
    Tues, February 5, from 3pm to 6pm

    Banda Boca Maldita
    Route: Av. Prado Junior following along Ruas Barata Ribeiro, Ingá, Av. N. Sra. de Copacabana and Av. Prado Júnior.
    Tues, February 5, from 3pm to 8pm

    Bloco Vem ni mim que sou facinha
    Route: on the corner of Rua Jangadeiros and Rua Prudente de Moraes
    Fri, February 1, from 5pm to 9pm
    Route: on the corner of Rua Jangadeiros and Rua Prudente de Moraes
    Tues, February 5, from 5pm to 9pm

    Empurra que Pega
    Route: Praça Cazuza, following along Av. Ataulfo de Paiva to Rua Carlos Góis
    Sat, February 2, from 5pm to 10pm
    Tues, February 5, from 5pm to 10pm

    Banda de Ipanema
    Route: Praça General Osório, Av.Vieira Souto, Rua Joana Angélica, Rua Visconde de Pirajá returning to Praça General Osório to disperse.
    Sat, February 2, from 3pm to 10pm
    Tues, February 5, from 3pm to 10pm

    Bloco das Carmelitas Santa Teresa
    Route: on the corner of Rua Dias de Barros and Ladeira de Santa Teresa
    Route: Largo do Guimarães
    Tues, February 5

    Bloco da Ansiedade
    Route: Mercadinho São José - Laranjeiras
    Tues, February 5

    Embaixadores da Folia
    Route: Av. Rio Branco near Rua da Alfândega (Meeting place at 4pm), Av. Rio Branco, Rua da Alfândega, Av. Rio Branco
    Tues, February 5, at 7pm

    The Story of Lent is the story of the merging of the two official religions of Rome, Mithraism and the cult of the Great Mother Goddess Cybele with the early Christian church to give us the Roman Catholic church. There are many who believe that the strongest ancient root of Carnaval is traced not to the Roman Winter solstice celebration of Saturnalia or even those of the wine god Dionysos or his later Occidental name of Bacchus but rather the Egyptian goddess Isis. Isis is known as the Goddess of 10,000 names and has a lot in common with Brazil's Iemanja.


    The festival of Isis, where her image is carried to the sea-shore to bless the start of the sailing season, was called the "Carrus Navalis"  ("ship cart"). Many believe this is the true origin of the word "Carnival," not the "Farewell to the flesh" from the Latin roots, carne [meat] and vale [farewell], which has been popularized.


    On the Wednesday after Carnaval, Lent begins. This forty-day period prepares for the greatest festival in the Christian year - Easter. Ashes are the symbol of penitence, and the Church recommends that no meat be eaten this day.

    Samba school vote counting to decide the winners of Carnaval   Venue: Praça da Apoteose - Entrance via Rua Frei Caneca - Cidade Nova From 3pm on.


     Street Carnaval  after Carnaval
     Ash Wednesday the day after Carnaval Tuesday

    ‘Bloco Virtual’ (IPANEMA) from 5pm meets in Av. Vieira Souto on the beach near Posto 9, between R. Vinicius de Moraes and R. Joana Angélica . The parade heads in the direction of Arpoador.
    * Bloco da Apuração dos Embaixadores da Folia (ESTACIO/central) meets 1pm Rua Salvador de Sá, in front of sector 11 of the sambadrome

    Thursday after Carnaval [not confirmed]
    * ‘Voltar pra Quê?’ (CENTRAL ) 8pm, Bar Carlitos , R. Álvaro Alvim Cinelândia – 10pm – colours are blue and red (or is this on Wednesday - conflicting reports!)


    Friday after ASH WEDNESDAY

    * ‘Cordão do Bola Preta’ (Centre – CINELANDIA) 3rd parade, 5pm.. Meets in Cinelândia

    Ball Masque 2008
    Friday, February 8th, 22:00-04:30
    Live music taking turns with a DJ and the drummers of Imperatriz, one of the best Rio samba schools. This will be its third year and this time the theme is Arabic - ´One Thousand and One Nights´.
    Dress formal or wear a fancy-dress.
    Venue: Hotel Sofitel, Av. Atlântica 4240 / Nível E - Copacabana
    Admission: R$350.00
    Table seat: R$500.00
    Prices include open buffet and drink bar
    Tel: 2525-1206 (English spoken)

    Evenings at SAMBA LAND
    The top six special group schools with the winner of Grupo A that will be joining the special group next year. The parade also pays homage to Rio's place at the center of global Carnival with participants from all over the world in special performing companies.
    Venue: Sambódromo Passarela do Samba Professor Darcy Ribeiro - Rua Marquês de Sapucaí - Cidade Nova
    Time: From 7pm on
    Phone: (21) 2253-7676
    Dates: Feb 12 2005
    Parade  of Champions´ Order
    Saturday after Carnaval
    6th best School
    22.05 - 22.20
    5th best School
    23.10 - 23.40
    4th best School
    00.15 - 01.00
    3rd best School
    01.20 - 02.20
    02.25 - 03.40
    Grand Champion of the Year

      Street Carnaval on Saturday after Carnaval
    *      ‘Bloco do Bafafá’ (IPANIMA) meets at Posto 9 on IPANEMA beach, doesn’t parade, but there’s a great party !
    *      ‘Berco do Samba’ (CENTRAL) Meets On Avenida Salvador de Sa beside the Sambodrome from 5pm

    Sunday after Carnaval
    City District: COPACABANA
    Parade: Sunday after Carnival 9:00 am
    Route: along Av. Atlantica

    Galinha do Meio Dia
    Route: Av. Delfim Moreira, on the track next to the beach, from Av. Bartolomeu Mitre until Rua Vinicius de Moraes
    Sun, February 10, from 3pm to 7pm


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