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Brazil Presidente Fernando Henrique Cardoso

was easily reelected to a second four year term in 1998 becoming the first Brazilian president to take advantage of a 1997 constitutional change allowing the head of state to serve a second term. In the ceremony for his second four year term  at the capital, Brasilia, on Jauary 1, 1999, the 67 year old statesman said following his oath of office:

"I was chosen by the people to continue to build a stable, modern, open and competitive economy. But it doesn't mean much to be the world's eighth largest economy if we continue to be first in inequality.

For his second term, Cardoso is expected to give more attention to the task of bringing Brazil forward to its deserved prominent place on the global stage.

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22 de Dezembro de 1998
D1998122236.JPG (12885 bytes) Brasília , 22 - O presidente Fernando Henrique Cardoso anuncia o nome de Celso Lafer para ministro do Desenvolvimento , Industria e Comercio. Foto ,José Cruz - ABr - hor -
D19990101qy.JPG (12907 bytes) Brasília, 1 - Presidente Fernando Henrique Cardoso recebe a faixa presidencial do embaixador Valter Pecly (Foto Elza Fiuza - ABr-hor)