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If you are thinking about a trip to Brazil, you're likely considering images of myth and beauty. From connecting with the spectacular frenzy of life known as Carnaval, to sampling the marvelous, joyful, urban beach culture or adventuring into the planet's premiere primordial paradise ~ the Amazon, traveling to Brazil will always qualify as an adventure requiring preparation and planning.
Travel Tips
General Info from the National Government at
The new frames web site has lost much of its most helpful travel info but still retains tremendous local data.
In Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Porto Alegre and Belo Horizonte the current is 110/120 volts, 60 cycles, AC. In Salvador and Manaus, it is 127 volts. In Recife, Brasília it's 220 volts. Most hotels assist w\ transformers but it is helpful to bring plug converters
World Wide Phone Guide by   Kropla
Brazil country code is (55) with a growing number of City Codes Sao Paulo- (11) Rio-(21) Salvador- (71) Recife (81)...Your hotel is likely to have the standard US RJ-11 phone plug for your modem
World Time Zone Map
Rio's time zone is 3 hours behind Greenwich time (England) and 2 hours ahead of New York (Eastern Standard) Clocks fall back one hour from October through February
Signal is the European PAL (USA uses NTSC)

? Brazil by The Globe Trotter

Introduction, Documentation, Doing Business, Tipping, Transportation, Holidays
Brazil by the Lonely Planet

Facts at a Glance inc.\ History, Economy, Culture, Events, Money & Costs, When to Go,
Off the Beaten Track, Recommended Reading
On Doing Business in Brazil by Maria-Brazil
On Dressing, First name basis, Social element, Punctuality, & cafezinhos
Official Tourist Authority
Tourist Authorities
List of 50 official Offices in Brazil inc./ fax#'s & contact.
Tourism Offices Worldwide
Brazilian help in planning your trip is problematic. Minimum resources are given to USA tourist promotion and then there's the annoying Visa requirement.
Getting There
Airport Taxes
Add some extra time to your airport time calculation for paying the airport tax of R$6 to R$24.
Brazil Air Pass
The special multiple leg package airline fare available only for foreigners visiting Brazil issued by the airline flying you in and used with VARIG, VASP or TRANSBRASIL. For example you could use the pass  to add the two great natural wonders of Brazil: the North's Amazon rain forest or the South's Iguaçu Falls
Welcome to Rio from RIOTUR
Try the Air Services, Five Official Tourism Organizations and Professional Travel Associations pages
Reservations recommends becoming an informed traveler and then seeking the help of a travel professional you can revisit if necessary. Your travel agent should be able to either match or beat the best deal you found on the web. Begin with one of these top four CRS systems.

 Internet Travel Network using Apollo CRS & local agents     

  Uniglobe using System One CRS                   
Travelocity using Sabre CRS Expedia by Microsoft
Travel Agencies in Brazil (Speak Eng. Por.)
Based in Rio de Janeiro Comprehensive booking services for Hotels, transfers IN/OUT & tours in all major Brazilian cities. Member Embratur FAX:(5521) 240 - 8268
Magicline Travel Tech
Offering several adventure tours Phone : 55 21 507-0949 / Fax : 55 21 233-3661
List of Brazil Tourist Agencies Companies by BrazilInfo
As of January 1998 there were 77 listing w\  no e-mail or links

Located in Sao Paolo, Wide selection of hotels and packages at special rates
On-Line Tour Companies
Fiesta Tours (Speak Eng. Por. Span)
Many packages to Brazil & So. America inc.\ Carnaval in San Francisco USA, TOLLFREE: 888-229-8687 FAX: 415-986-3029 CA. License #1007270-10
BR Online Travel
Specializing in travel to Brazil w\ many Tour Packages inc.\ Carnaval in Rio, Miami based. The first and still the best travel agency web site for Brazil
Excellence in Travel Inc.
Offers an Afro-Brazilian Tour to Salvador & Rio departing from JFK and Wash. DC
Grandeur Explorer
Highlighting the best of Brazil & Argentina, depart Miami, New York or Los Angeles
(IICD) Institute for International Cooperation & Development
Offers solidarity work, community development projects and travel programs to Brazil and other countries
Customs, Passports & Visas
Documentation Required to Enter Brazil
U.S. citizens need to get a 90-day visa in advance obtainable from a consulate or through a passport/visa service. Minors (under 18) may need special documents
Customs, Duty Free & VAT
For returning U.S. Citizens.
Travel Tips & Publications
U.S. State Dept. Index of Publications.
Home Page Applying for your U.S. Passport
BR Online Visa Service
An option if you need to handle this requirement by mail, Tourist visa requirements  are waived for the following countries (not USA)
American Passport Service & more Passport   Links
Expediting service out of Boston with guarantee for fast turnaround
Safety Tips
Tips for Central & South America by USA State Department
You can check for warnings by calling (202) 647-5225 from a touch-tone phone or
using the fax back system dial (202) 647-3000 and follow the prompts.
"Street crime is a problem in Brazil"...     Expensive cameras and jewelry should be worn discreetly. Purses and wallets can attract attention.   Paranoia should be avoided. When in doubt take a taxi.
Safety Recommendations by SiteBR
"Some women may find that Brazilian men are very unsubtle in the street."
The best way to polish and sound out your travel Portuguese. Over 60 languages supported with fast downloading sound files now!
English to Portuguese dictionary
You may wish to bring these ten pages with you.
Spoken & Body Language
"Generally people stand a lot closer than in many cultures"
Body Language by Maria Brazil  (PHOTOS)
Only the Italians rival the Brazilians in their use of gestures 
The 5 Regions of Brazil by SiteBR
North, Northeast, Central West, South East, and South each w\ their own map
The general lack of web maps for Brazil is illustrated by  this leading resource
Uses the same set of Magellan maps as (only 6 total for all Brazil)
Brazil Zoom Map by Lonely Planet
Oops doesn't actually zoom yet
The banks located at airports generally offer favorable exchange rates. Cash is king as traveler's checks continue to become less negotiable.  Credit cards can get you the best deal on the exchange rate where accepted.
24 hrs ATM's for MasterCard/Cirrus™ can be found at Banco Itau and Citibank,
VISA/Plus™ can be found at BANCO BRADESCO. Visa has a new product called TravelMoney for ATMs which works like a phone card and is accepted at 380,000 ATMs in 114 countries

As of January 20, 1998 1 Brazilian Real (R$) = 0.89 US Dollar while  $1 US = (R$)1.12
Universal Currency Converter by xexon
multi directional for 49 currencies (says when).
Expedia Currency Converter by Microsoft

Articles and information from over 150 global justice organizations.  Go to By Country and enter Brazil
Net Estado
Sao Paulo is the world's 4th largest City and this paper has an English section
Lively monthly publication available for only $3/year subscription in US
Talk About It
Excite is the web's #1 guide to travel and they use the same FORUM system as
Please contribute your insight to this site.  Check out what's new or make some news of your own in our  Rio de Janeiro FORUM or Salvador, Bahia FORUM is an important resource which is also available on CD

Unmoderated general discussion group.  
All about Brazilian Music
Talking about the people and country of Brazil.
Links to more Brazil Newsgroups
thanks to [email protected]  

Wonders of Nature
The three most popular ecological marvels of Brazil are: the Amazonia, the Igauçu Falls region and the Pantanal

Manaus Links by Sergio Koreisha
Urban hub of the Amazon and base for beginning excursions to the jungle or jungle lodges. Don't miss the 660 seat Teatro Amazonas dedicated in 1896
Drifting Down the Amazon from CliqTravel | PHOTOS |
"Landing in Iquitos, the Peruvian port at the upper end of the navigable Amazon" by Walter & Cheri Glaser
Amazonas by  Dave Nehrkorn
"Our journey began on the "Harpy Eagle", a three-deck river vessel, chartered from Amazonia Expeditions"
The Wings of the Butterfly a story told by  the Amazon's Tukuna tribe
"The lord of monkeys was not a monkey at all. He was a jaguar!"
? Iguacu Falls Sightseeing Info by unipack  | PHOTO|
The world's biggest, most spectacular falls where Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil meet. Considered one of the planet's  great power spots and also the home of Itaipu the world's largest hydropower plant surpassing even Egypt's Aswan Dam
Pantanal by

EcoTourism Tour Agencies
Ecotourism is typically  conducted in small friendly groups. The interaction with nature can take many forms inc.\ high adventure.. The accommodations often put you in closer contact with nature.
(Dutch, French, Japanese, Italian, Spanish TOO)
Wonderful new site by group trying to stay ahead of the more commercial offerings
The B.E.S.T. //The Quest
Ecotourism & Adventure. Office located in Niterói - RJ  phone: (55-21) 709-1461 and 609-8320 - right in front of the State Park of Serra da Tiririca
Brazil in Brief by the Brazilian Embassy in London
Huge resource library
Destination Brazil
By lonely planet. A concise 11 pages from their recommended 690 page "travel survival kit" (last update Jan. '96).
An Introduction to Brazil
By interknowledge, plus links to intros for Rio, Recife & Sao Paolo.
Varig presents BRAZIL
Plenty of facts for travel planners
The Wonders of Brazil
By Walter Morales. Besides history, has lots of links plus descriptions of the many regions of Brazil.
By Dr. Carlos A. Bertulani. Five pages of facts and much tourist info as well.
World's most miscengated people
Distribution of Population
People Growth
Lists of Links We Like
Brazil's  #1 search engine with yahoo style hand entered tree system of links  These huge lists demonstrating Brazil's enthusiastic embrace of the world wide web and why you need us to help make sense of the world wild wait
Brazilian Magazines
| Radio Stations | Carnaval | Turismo ?
"The Internet has blossomed with travel information that now extends throughout 50 thousand web sites world wide. To meet the demand, hundreds of directories were created to categorize this information properly. But still, there were too many places to look and too much information to sort through. unifies Internet travel information into a single master guide so that now those hidden 'gold mines' of information can be revealed to everyone. "

Editor's Note: We agree and to these assumptions we add that you are best served your best of the rest  traveler's insights through the filter of cultural hubs of influence we call Carnival cities.  Also while we like the ambition, this attempt suffers from too many broken links and too little editorial insight.

Weather Report  from
Click above to check how weather compares among the 8 cities below or click below go directly to their City  link list.

Belo Horizonte Brasília Florianópolis Manaus
Porto Alegre Recife Rio de Janeiro São Paulo  

Meu Brazil
By Sergio Koreisha. The web's largest non search engine collection of Brazil links.
Brazilian Business Connection
Best organized for advancing web commerce.
Brazil: Resources by Nerd World Media
Good descriptions and regular additions
Web Central Brasil
Good site to watch for coming attractions.
Brazilian Festivals by
By month and city

Travel Tool Links
Hyde's Travel Agent Resource Center
The more the industry changes the more it stays the same.  A  guide to web power.
Association of Special Fares Agents
Links to Travel Agencies around the world specializing in discount rates
Gazeta Mercantil (SPANISH  TOO)
Offering  a wide range of economic information to aid business and professional activities carried  in Brazil and  Mercosur which also appears in their weekly print edition
Stanford University & Brazil by sfgate
Home to the USA's largest library on Brazil and engaged in many intellectual   & cultural exchanges Brazil's journey to the 1994 World cup Championship began with boisterous crowds at Stanford Stadium and now will be a site for the '99 Women's World Cup
Free Trade Area of Americas
(SPANISH , FRENCH TOO) | OFFICIAL | [email protected] 
Maintained by the Tripartite Committee on behalf of the goal of integrating the economies of the Western Hemisphere into a single free trade arrangement. The three Committee members are  the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the Organization of American States (OAS) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) on behalf of the member governments of the countries participating in the Free Trade Area of the Americas.
Information on Mercosul
by Brazilian Embassy in London
A free trade zone made up of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay with contributions by London School of Economics on its relations to the European Union
Financial Times survey on Bahia Brazil -6/6/96
18 well written chapters by different authors "Solving social problems cannot be done in a populist way, it has to be long-term, through things like investing in education. It all takes a long time to show through,' says Marco Maciel, the Brazilian vice-president.
Fly Dirtcheap
Guidebook to flying as an air courier
BradescoNet Internet Banking
Brazil's first Internet Banking System Customers can obtain on-line account information, transfer sums and pay bills, as well as requesting checkbooks and any document copies required. There's also 1,900 branches and  15,000 ATM units in Brazil.
Books, tapes, CD's, kid's lessons, video plus many languages supported
Internet-mall/Travel Agencies
World's largest mall's travel agent listings
Omni Resources/Brazil
Over a hundred maps for Brazil alone w\ 1000's to choose from
Motorola Pagers in Brazil
Biz Travel Tools
Plug guide, (inc. modems!) plug guide,  conversion tables for clothing, measures, & time
Action Cellular Rent-a-Phone
Available in over 200 countries on daily to monthly basis

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