Barbados has been one of the best Caribbean models of how to convert your economy to tourism. The build out began in the 1960s and for some has completed a cycle that other islands are only now beginning as they face severe drop off in banana exports. Barbados is a mature and flourishing democracy with excellent infrastructure and first-rate schools and transit.  Bajans are as literate and articulate a people as you will find any where and they take great pride in their island nation of 265,000 people. 
Sometimes called the most British Caribbean republic with a reputation as the home of some of the most talented pan-Caribbean business people the island is most distinctively  West Indian. Afterall the rum shops are more important than tea time and the top bands in Barbados like Square One and Krosfayh tour year round to support the thriving West Indian Carnival culture spread which has so visibly spread to metro centers throughout Europe and the Western hemisphere. 
ridgetown, the capital, is a true City with many centuries of history The nightlife most mentioned is elsewhere at the famous tourist strip called the Saint Lawrence Gap which also host important Cropover Carnival events.  The tourists in Barbados come from all over the world drawn by the agreeable climate, brilliant sandy beaches and broad tourist infrastructure which can accommodate most tastes and needs. There is surprisingly plenty to see and do beyond the typical beach getaway and this guide to the guides will get you there. 

Getting There

Barbados Tourism Authority  National Websites  How to Get here  ||Where We Are|| Canada || U.S.A. || Caribbean || United Kingdom
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Columbus World Travel Guide: Barbados
Helpful info & insight on passport, money, duty free, public holidays, health, accommodations,  profiles, climate, history,
By Air
bwia-logo.gif (11919 bytes)Barbados Grantley Adams Airport is 11 miles from Bridgetown and is serviced by BWIA International  800-327-7401
American Airlines ........... 800-433-7300's Guide to Discount Air Travel may be just your ticket, and Airlines that Fly to Caribbean
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By Boat

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Weddings by
It is now possible for ceremonies to take place on day of arrival, providing documents are in order. Apply to Ministry of Legal Affairs, Bridgetown 
Island Weddings || [email protected]
(246) 424-7181 | Fax 424-6209 (800) 954-3289
30 Paradise Heights, Cave Hill, St Michael
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Weddings by Fun Barbados

Caribbean Wedding Requirements by island is the joint tourist board 

In general you will need your passport and a return ticket   In general you will need your passport and a return ticket 
Barbados Visitor Document by
Customs & Duty || Free Allowances  by
Guide for R Lots of info and lists but not updated in some time

Relocation Immigration Information
Xenon said As of July 8, 1998 and Dec 2, 2000
(less than 1% difference)
One USD$ Dollar = BBD$ 1.99 || One BBD$ Dollar = 0.50 USD$ Dollar
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Barbados (328k) || South Coast (100k) || Bridgetown (228k)
Caribbean Online w/ Webcom & American Express offer 3 maps
Sunbeach's Interactive Map of Barbados by caribnet
Divides the small island into 11 sections
East || by Footprint Books

 It is warm and sunny all year round with an average daytime high of 75 - 85oF. The nights are usually slightly cooler.Tropical climate with the hot and rainy season from July to November and cool the rest of the year.  Avg. temp= 26.5 Celsius Rain= 142 centimeters per year. 
CaribSeek - Caribbean Search Directory Caribbean Weather & Hurricane Information Center
Hurricane Information Center by USAToday
|| Bridgetown
Caribbean Weather by Yahoo || Bridgetown || Satellite Shot 
The Atlantic Hurricane Season is from June 1 - November 30 and here you can get up to the minute reports direct
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CAPITAL Bridgetown
Approximately 265,000
Eight to nine hours of sunshine most days. Temperature between 75 F and 90 F year round. Average Temperature is  84o
A 21 mile x 14 mile Caribbean island. West and South Coast have calm Caribbean sea and endless beaches. Rugged cliffs and Atlantic Ocean on East Coast.
A temporary yearly Barbados license costs BDS$10 and is obtainable from car rental agencies and Police Stations. Full license must be shown. Drive on left. 
-4 in the winter and GMT -5 in the summer.
Grantley Adams International Airport 
Departure Tax BD$ 25
Area Code
110 volts
No Vaccinations are needed to visit
Real Post Reports Tales from a Small Planet/Barbados 
The real Deal inc. US consulate employees
"Price of a Big Mac Meal:
Unavailable. The Barbados government will not allow McDonalds because it would undermine the local chicken farmers by importing chicken. Fresh fruit and vegetables are a luxury item- peppers cost $12US per kilo and there is a new 234% tax on onions. "


"The journalist's first responsibility in a world of increasing globalization is to "help the man-in-the-street make sense of the bewildering change that threatens to engulf him," 
said Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur in early 2000 according to the Broad Street Journal.

Barbados by tvRadioWorld

Listen Now LiveVOB 92.9 FM radio Barbados

 CBC900 AM Barbados radio live
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cweek-logo.gif (2312 bytes)Caribbean Week/
The regional newspaper of the Caribbean for the businessperson with HQ on Barbados
BSJ Broad Street Journal
Exclusive news (New York Times News Service & Bloomberg Business News) plus commentary and analysis of the Barbadian, Caribbean and international business scene for 15,000 weekly readers.  

ARSB The Amateur Radio Society of Barbados was founded in 1955 and is located at Oxnards Mill, St. James overlooking the West Coast of the Island. || calendar
Southern Caribbean waterfront covering the coastal and marine environment, sailboat topics,  water sports, as well as local culture and maritime history  listen to radio 
The Caribbean News Agency (CANA) is the premier provider of news and information from the English Caribbean

In 1536, the Portuguese discoverer, Pedro a Campos, named the island Los Barbados, apparently inspired by beard-like moss and creepers entangled in the coastal banyans and fig trees. The British arrived in 1627 and never left. Long live the Queen!
Here's two short overviews

History by 
History by caribbeansupersite
Government & History by wtg-online

Real Estate

Ins & Outs of BarbadosOur Real Estate Market || How to buy property in Barbados
A non-Barbadian has to pay a transfer tax of 10% of the purchase price on buying and 8% when selling. Financing for non-Barbadians is generally not available and therefore purchasers should aim to bring all of the purchase price into the island. All money brought into Barbados must be registered at the Central Bank which, in turn, then guarantees repatriation when the property is sold.

Alleyene Aguilar & Altman at FunBarbados
Large searchable database of current listing for sale or lease (short-term & long-term)
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what you need to know to play the game

Trade & Business
Tourism is the main industry generating over 800,000 visits per year counting 350,000 cruise ship visitors. Still, the quarter of a million Barbados residents take advantage of their enlightened business perspective on the development of the Caribbean region better than elsewher, making Bridgetown, with its strong transport and communications infrastructure, one of the Caribbean's most important cities. Investment is promoted by simplicity, as there are no restrictions on foreign ownership of business enterprises. A member of the Caribbean economic community, 

barba-flag-a.gif (8764 bytes) || yellow pages ||,  and Business Incentives || Immigrate 
The Internet Yellow Pages and Business Portal of, Barbados' most visited site. Free online listings and business cards for all Barbados businesses. Try the site map if your still looking for information
coat.gif (35158 bytes)Barbados Ministry of Foreign Affairs || E-mail
Promotion, Procurement, Attraction, Protection, Strengthen, Collaborate, Pursue with a new more enlightened approach to development co-operation.
Tel: (246) 436-2990 Fax: (246) 429-6652/ 228-0838 Barbados Labor Party
Democratic Labor party
Investing In Barbados (by KPMG Barbados)

synopsis of the investment environment  Barbados Investment & Development
xport Promotion and the Government's industrial development agency to assist you in developing your business in Barbados: 
 Construction services for Returning Nationals and First Time Builders to the Caribbean.

High-quality corporate and management services to offshore companies in Barbados.      

Barbados Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Embassies & Consulates by 
There's 17 including Haiti and Brazil

Education in Barbados 

Trade & Business in the Caribbean 
Cooperate more effectively as a region is making progress through the work of these organizations 

Caribbean Region covers people's festivals and their city all over the planet but believe the Caribbean will anchor the past moving into the future as the world continues its accelerating pace to one love one people. As such you can count on lots of resources like those below. We support nine Cities as our muses but it is significant to note that Barbabos was the 10th location to win our attention. Here are the most recent additions

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