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Crop-over has become the centerpiece of Barbados culture, a process enriched by much history, a savvy visitor promotional sense, and the great nearby pre-Lenten Carnival of Trinidad & Tobago. You can still see and do everything you would otherwise in Barbados but there is a heightened sense of there is no better place to be during the Crop-Over. While there are many July Crop-over events, you will want to book early or look up the friend you made at the last Carnival if you want to catch the highlights on the Grand Weekend.

Conga-line from April 22 - May 01 begins with the longest Congaline in the Caribbean and features a series of concerts at the Malibu Congaline Village. May 1 is the finale, where bands, floats and Carnival goers take part in the May Day Parade,
The Caribbean's largest summer Carnival begins on the first Saturday with the Decorated Cart & Float Parade and Gala Crop Over Opening. This parade begins at Bridgetown Independence Square in the early afternoon and finishes at the National Stadium. Here, the opening ceremony takes place with the Ceremonial Delivery of the Last Canes and the Crowning of the King and Queen of the Festival followed by an excellent night of entertainment and socializing.
The festival, revived in 1974 following a 30-year hiatus, continues to grow and evolve with the culture. Unlike most Carnivals whose roots are in Spring, Crop-over is a harvest festival dating back centuries to the end of the sugar cane season. The end to all the grueling and arduous work was marked by the final delivery of canes to the mill. Surely a cause for song, dance and general jubilation, as such, the workers would begin the festivities by boisterously telling each other "CROP OVER." Folk Concerts celebrating the emancipation from slavery are  popular events during the Carnival season
The last Carnival weekend features the most important Carnival events.  On Friday, there will be the Pic-O-De-Crop Finals at the National Stadium. The next night in the wee hours of Sunday morn, the Fore-Day Morning Jump-Up will go down from 2am till dawn. Before this special event is the Steelpan Competition
Cohobblopot is a huge carnival-like show where the most popular calypsonians and bands perform on Carnival Sunday night. The Calypso Contest is one of the world's best even though it features primarily local talent. Before the best singer/songwriters of the season are chosen, the talent will perform their new compositions at many venues or tents. These tents, with names like Super Gladiators, Conquerors,  House of Soca, Pioneers and Stray Cats, play an important role in deciding who will win the title of Party Monarch,  Road March Monarch and the Pic-O-De-Crop Monarch. The King & Queen of the Bands Competition is also an important part of the Cohobblopot Sunday show.   Get tickets in advance since the National Stadium can sell out, particularly with all the talk about not allowing it to be broadcast on free TV.
All this buildup makes for a memorable Grand Finale, or as they say at Barbados Crop-over, the Grand Kadooment. Here, over two dozen large costumed bands will go dancing down de road inviting everyone to jump up with them as they make their way to the ocean surf. This spontaneous Crop-over Beach party is the highlight for many visitors and don't leave till the fireworks light up the night sky.
the Grand Kadooment is always the 1st Monday in August
Info: National Cultural Foundation- (246) 424-0909


Crop-over- The BTA's official guide || Fests & Events ||Barbados Tourist Encyclopedia ||
The official mega site should give their national event more coverage beginning with a publication of annual awards plus a listing of bands and their e-mail contacts

By Donna Pierre
Trinidad Guardian August 19, 2000

"What caught my attention one night was the repugnant manner a bandleader displayed, as he openly vented his objection to the Trini input in costume making.  He suggested to authorities that those bands be debarred from competition....the winning king undoubtedly displayed the trademark signature of D Midas Associates' Stephen Derek who, incidentally, was sipping brandy while calmly sitting backstage."

ChattelDance Chattel Dance on Kadooment Day
Then he stands slow, his hand on her hip." 
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Cropover by 
"Pack that special party thong and hit the celebrations as they climax on the first Monday in August with Kadooment day, a massive carnival of music, dance and Carib beer in Bridgetown"

Representing the creative spirit and identity of the Barbadian nation, an outgrowth of things deeply rooted in the nation's spirit

Crop Over Festival
National Cultural Foundation (424-0909)

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 Bajan Calypso Barn || 
The Trinidad national oath: Together We Aspire, Together We Achieve 
your content  contributions  requested. Not the same since Kingsley retired
Cropover 2000 by Azumano/Away Carlson Wagonlit

My trip to Cropover '97
  "Luckily, I followed the advice of the locals and had the directions to home tattooed on my butt ahead of time."Cropover '98 
Cropover by

CARICOM Kadooment by 1999


the T-shirt carnival parade which begins in the capital Bridgetown and makes it's way through the streets of Barbados to the very popular St.Lawrence Gap. Along the way, revelers dance behind music trucks which carry the most popular bands, musicians and dee jays.
( Check to be sure this event is on for 2001)

Conga Line Info by malibu-rum

Cropover Calendar 
Crop Over Calendar | Official Event List (mirror)

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 59 Roebuck Street, St.Michael, Barbados, West Indies. Our email is .
Grand Kadooment 2000 Awards:
Most Colourful Band - 1st. Baje International Inc. Shangri-la - A Rebirth.
Largest Band on the Road - 3rd. Baje International Inc. Shangri-la - A Rebirth

 Your Carnaval-dot-com can only afford an annual major makeover to these pages but you can check for new Cropover bands in the photo gallery in aforum

Calypso Tent
We need some web sites launched by the tents: Conquerors, Untouchables, House of Soca, Pioneers, Stray Cats,

John King and the Conqueror's Tent  ||John King
One of Barbados biggest calypso stars of the last two decades 

Talk about It


Sunhead Editorial for young West Indians || Homepage
"And my sister Alison, kicked some tail this year!! "In the Meantime", and "Sweet Like Sugarcane", mashed up this year's Crop Over Season. And Miss Alison never known for her demure behavior on stage, shows that she can hang with even the rowdiest on stage antics, and apparently wukked up and gyrated her way into the hearts of every red-blooded male in the island, (and won the admiration of us women who are less than limber hipped) except for the assorted reverends and religious yard fowls, who of course HAD to mention AGAIN that the lewdity of the Kadooment celebration was horrible, and just the epitome of all that's wrong with society. I hear there was even a threat of "wuk-up police". Who is to know!!! Who cares, we had fun this Kadooment didn't we?"

1999 Crop Over Awards (partial)
by Elizabeth Watson, [email protected] (Barbados) for
Kaiso No. 29, Kaiso is published for free by Calypso and Gospel music expert Ray Funk (de judge from Alaska)
Check back issues here

History of Cropover by
Photos & Video

mendez11.gif (6051 bytes) ||[email protected]
The clear star of the web for this great event is from Mr. Stephen E. Mendes of Barbados "Uniting Bajans around the world"
Crop-over 97
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Crop Over 2000 - Rewind

For Sound High-Lites from W.I.R. (Webb Internet Radio)
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quicktime logoConga-line Party Time Video 1.43 Mb from . You need free quick-time plug-in 

Crop over photos from the BTA || Landscapes || Wildlife
Also find Buildings, People, Arts/Crafts, Activities, PlantsBoyce's Tours, Barbados

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Elsewhere in the Caribbean

 Antigua  Carnival   ||  Photos  
Beginning on the last Saturday in July and lasting 11 days ending on the 2nd Tuesday of August
 St. Lucia Carnival
|| St. Lucia Photos
 beginning in May following the Jazz Festival and ending with a traditional 5 day pageant on the 3rd Tuesday in July
Toronto Caribana CARNIVAL Guide 
sharing the same weekend with the grand parade on the Saturday instead of Monday. Many Bajan musicians will attend both
Caribbean Carnivals in the aforum

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Carnival Magazine

Carnivals around the World  

Cropover Festival Music

croptunes.jpg (24270 bytes)Cropover99 by islandsounds
Generous sampling of RA tracks 
Sugar Bum Bum- Natahlee & Lord Kitchener
Barbados Belongs to Trinidad- MacFingall

"This is some real bajan music by some very well known bands krosfyah and Square One"

JPC's Kadooment Soca Jam  || Kadooment Crop Over Party - jpc

Calypso and soca dominate here as they do throughout the West Indies and particularly at the nearby southernmost Caribbean Carnival Republic of Trinidad & Tobago. 
Barbados works hard at being the music capital of the Caribbean. While the Caribbean music of calypso, soca, ringbang, dub, steel pan, and reggae dominate the local scene the island hosts a wide range of musical festivals  including an international Jazz festival, an opera season and a gospel festival

Then there is also the two native forms "tuk" and Ring Bang.  Tuk' band is an indigenous unique form of music played by roving minstrels. Using a kettle drum, bass drum and penny whistle the players combine British military and African village rhythms. The cadence varies from slow waltz to frenetic African beat.Traditionally, 'Tuk' bands dressed in outrageous attire or as local folk characters rove neighborhoods during Crop Over and between Christmas and New Year's Day. 
Carnival music web sites are listed in many spaces here at but three you should be aware of are Trinidad Music,   Steelpan web ring Forum,  and de Soca Ring which will take you to dozens of happening sites

Music scene at St Lawrence Gap
Barbados’ liveliest area for nightlife, St Lawrence Gap, pays homage to Caribbean music, with a string of clubs offering open-air reggae, calypso and steel pan music.

Calypsonians & Entertainers Contact List by Bajan Calypso Barn
List of contacts  now maintained by dedicated Francie Ammon

Barbados & Crop-over Music by
"Nothing is sacred in calypso and since Bajans virtually stole the calypso show (Trinidad Calypso Contest) in 1995, all the region's eyes are on Barbados in the calypso/soca realm."

The Politics of Labeling Popular Musics in English Caribbean
by Jocelyne Guilbault of University of Ottawa

Bayan Music by Lady Duchess Hot Spot at tripod |home | Square One || Krosfyah || Coalishun || Red Plastic Bag
Soca Calypso and more on six of Barbados most accomplished musical artists. You may have hear DJ Lady Duchess spinning the latest in Hip-Hop, Reggae, and Calypso at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston. Among her web ring memberships is Beautiful Divas on the web


  • VOB 92.9 FM radio Barbados

Host/ Co-Producer/scriptwriter of "Caribbean Jam"  & "The Caribbean Top 20 music Chart Show" .Before  moving to Barbados, did  with Radio Caribbean International   (840 AM & 101.1 FM Stereo) in St.Lucia.


jump.gif (25082 bytes)Home to the Caribbean's largest recording label run by recording star Eddy Grant

In 2000  Krosfyah 's Lead singer  Edwin Yearwood, won his fourth Party Monarch title with the track ‘Fiah, Fiah’ which is featured on his debut solo album Influenced: The Good and Badd In Me. This album was released alongside krosfyah’s own The Best of krosfyah. sweetness_cover.jpg (20961 bytes)

Square One by ||
Square One by djTonyTempo

Regarded as one as the top bands in the Caribbean, Square One and certainly the most traveled Caribbean band. The members of the band are lead singers Alison Hinds, Andy 'Blood' Armstrong and Cecil 'O'Shaka' Riley; bass guitarist Paul Slater, drummer Winston Beckles, keyboard player George Jones and steel pannist, keyboardist and percussionist Terry Arthur. Their break out break-out CD was 4 Sides in 1996.
From her early success with John King to becoming the First Barbadian Female Roadmarch Queen in 1996 to her many recent accolades as Reggae-Soca  Top Caribbean Female Artist 
Alison Hinds has become the Queen of Caribbean Music


Adisa Andwele 
Ring-Bang is rooted in the calypso tradition and is the power of rhythm in word and music. Adisa has intensified the rhythm of his music and poetry. through his most recent releases "Jump In De Ring-Bang Tide" and "Bring It Up", 
He began writing poetry in 1978, and in 1981 started experimenting with rhythm poetry. However, it was in 1989 with the publication of a collection of poems entitled "Rhythm & Roots" that Adisa embarked on a career in performance poetry.

In the summer of 1999 singer / songwriter David Kirton, saxophonist Arturo Tappin and vocalist Biggy Irie formed the Barbados Invasion of the Spirit of Unity Reggae Tour and invaded the USA proving that Reggae music has become not just one islands sound, but the Caribbean’s voice.
Reggae on the RiverBesides David Kirton Arturo Tappin and Biggie Irie Legendary CalypsoReggae on the River star John King along with Nicholas Branker, Nathalee Burke, Edwin Yearwood, and Allison Hinds took part at the most celebrated reggae concert on the West Coast for their 1999 Barbados Invasion 


 the Mighty Gabby!  || at iceRecords 1997 and 1999 Calypso Monarch, 
The youngest calypsonian to win the Calypso Monarch title in Barbados . In 1968, at age 19, Gabby claimed the coveted title with a song called, Heart Transplant. After a hiatus from the competition, he returned to winner’s row in 1976 with a hard-hitting political commentary, Licks Like FireIn 1979 he won Barbados’ first ever Crop Over Road March with a song called Burn Mr. Harding

 Red Plastic Bag Barbados most popular Calypsonian

and  Lil' Rick dub-master by by Dito Morales,graduate student in Art History,  Virginia Commonwealth University,t

Roaring Loud-Standing Proud at amazon Roaring Lion & Lord Kitchner at ice records
Released Nov 2000 by ice records Klassic Kitchener, Vol. 2 at or also at amazon

  Browse Music Styles AT Barnes & Noble or go to  World  and click on Caribbean


  Beautiful Barbados Steel Drums of Barbados  at amazon $5.97

  •  "It is relaxing and upbeat, an all around great CD! I have a collection of awful steel drum music, so if you are looking for a good one, this is a great one for your collections!"

The Official Website of the Barbados Jazz Festival  January 8 through 14, 2001 marks the 8th anniversary produced by GMR International Tours, Inc
Jazz Festival by
The week long January festival,Barbados Jazz Festival: Paint it Jazz!! which celebrates the best in international and local jazz talent, has become a major annual Caribbean event. Venues for this year's festival include the modern Sir Garfield Sobers Sports Complex, historic Sunbury Plantation House, exclusive Royal Westmoreland, and of course the popular open air venue, Farley Hill National Park.

Arturo Tappin Interview || GetMusic
Jazz saxophonist Arturo Tappin, is Barbados most famous jazz artist 

 Andre Woodvine 
A popular fixture at clubs on the island, the jazz saxaphonist released his first  recording entitled 'Voyager', in 1995 featuring ten of his original Caribbean Jazz compositions his second CD, is called "Vine". 

Multimedia_ImageBarbados Cool  Format: CD
Release Date: Jul 1 1991
Multimedia_Image Barbados Heat

Click through for RealAudio Samples at Barnes & Noble

" Appleyard & Co. (which also includes guitarist Bucky Pizzarelli and bassist Major Holley) sound so enthusiastic (as if they were thoroughly enjoying themselves as they come up with new variations on the ancient material) that the swinging results are quite infectious. Whether it be "Tangerine," "Stompin' at the Savoy," "Air Mail Special" or "Cherokee," the talented veterans sound like they just invented the songs."  ~ Scott Yanow


Barbados Tourism EncyclopediaCurrent Month: What's happening  



Calendar of Events in Barbados by

Annual Events by

National Cultural Foundation presents 7 annual festivals 

hb.gif (77639 bytes) 
The Centre for Caribbean Culture

Virgin Atlantic Holders Season takes place in March at the beautiful garden of Holders House, a 17th century plantation house adjoining the famous resort of Sandy Lane
A recent great success has been Inkle’n Yarico 
The story of Inkle and Yarico was ‘one of the great folk epics of its age’. Out of this tale of love and betrayal, told against the background of the European slave trade, came 45 original works of literature in German, French and English.
In 1997 Holders Season Barbados commissioned Paul Leigh and James McConnel to write a modern day musical based on this extraordinary story

"This performance was brilliant finish to the 1999 Edinburgh Festival"

Public Holidays
1 January New Year's Day   
21 January Errol Barrow Day
28 April Heroes Day
1 May Labour Day
1 August Emancipation Day
1st Monday in August Kadooment Day
30 November Independence Day
1 December Bank Holiday
25 December Christmas Day   
26 December Boxing Day
If a Bank Holiday falls on a Sunday then the following Monday is given as the holiday.


Crosby's Music Centre
T&T distributors of steelband, calypso & soca
Pangroove Entertainment 
Pan Music or why not add Limbo Dancers, Fire Eaters and Stilt Walkers to add that special trimming that makes your event so memorable

Willie and Ian
Mellow Music for your wedding,  and other special functions. For Bajan Fireshop

Rum Cakes


Local best selling books at

Barbados- Books, Videos at amazon

Best Selling Barbados Books at
We found 229 but just 33 with good availability
Frommer's Jamaica & Barbados (4th Ed)'s Best seller  Paperback - 275 pages 4th edition (September 1998)

  Indigo Guide to Barbados Paperback - 168 pages (March 2000) Globe Pequot Press Packed with up-to-the-minute facts and advice by experienced international and local writers who will reveal for you the hidden delights of this dazzling island.
Published Oct 2000
Check out Award-winning author Harry S. Pariser latest 3rd edition
Explore Barbados
and delve into its culinary, cultural, and historical treasures. Famed for its beaches and intimate, high-quality hotels and inns, Barbados is the Southern Caribbean's crown jewel. To Visit the author's web site

book-fod-barb.gif (11735 bytes)Fodor's Pocket Barbados (3rd Ed)
(Nov. 1997) Quick ship 20% off
The best of Barbados, with all the essentials

Images of Barbados
Colorful pictorial featuring the natural and cultural wonders.
A History of Barbados: From Amerindian Settlement to Nation/State
An emphasis on 350 years of economic and social growth by Hilary McDonald Beckles.


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