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Satyrs & Nymphs
Beauty by Bouguereau
 Countdown to 2012
The 2008 Carnaval Season means only 5 years till 2012 when many prophets tell us the shrouded future of humanity will be revealed.

Isis of
Ten Thousand Names

These are the end times when all the stories of the past, still alive in the collective unconscious, should become known to the artist in all of us. Carnaval's long history as the annual Spring festival of joy in the present has been among the most shrouded of all.

At the First Council of Nicaea,  (present-day Iznik in Turkey,) convoked by the Roman Emperor Constantine I in 325,  the uniform Christian doctrine was adopted and the great sanctioned holidays of Saturnalia {Winter Solistice] and the great mother Goddess Cybele's New Year observance following the Spring Equinox were converted to Christmas and Easter respectively. Before the written word, song and dance communicated past knowledge as the stories we live and dream. There is no better time than Carnaval time to experience this knowledge and there is no better time for this joyful experience than now.

Truth be told we were overwhelmed taking on such an ambitious project and have marked far too many pages as needing further attention. We ask for your patience and  promise to return. With this updating to the myth and magic of the constellation of deities the Greeks arranged around the many myths, rituals and festivals of Dionysos-Bacchus we go both back and forward, adding the Egyptian mysteries and finding in their phrase "as above, so below" an awareness of the space age as our future. 

  1. Cybele Mother Earth from the hub of the Mediterranean
  2. Isis The mysterious dark Egyptian mother-consort
  3. Isis Rising
  4. Golden Ass
  5. Mithras
  6. tauroctony
  7. Mithras-rise & fall
  8. History of Masonry
  1. 432
  2. precession
  3. music432
  4. Pyramids
  5. Mon-the unicorn constellation
  6. Brightest Stars
  7. sun
  1. Sphinx
  2. Egypt
  3. Pyramids
  4. Bastet the Cat goddess
  5. cateyes
  6. cleopatra


For our 2006 Carnaval season and 10th year on the web we began a penetrating in depth look through the many shrouds covering the fascinating and stirring roots of Carnaval. Using new powerful tools like wikipedia and google image search, we're proud to present to you a richly graphic, uncensored look at glorious Greco-Roman Roots of Carnaval. An ages old tale of death and rebirth which has inspired the artist in us all and continues to lead our struggling planet into a new age or a least a great pre-perish party.
  1. Dionysos
  2. Pan & satyrs
  3. SilenusThe image “http://www.dilos.com/dilosimages/image/crete/museum_bull.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
  4. King Midas
  5. King Midas by Nathanial Hawthorne
  6. Collected Stories about Dionysos *
  7. Dionysos vs. Apollo
  8. The Bacchae
  9. Wine
  10. Ariadne Queen of the labyrinth and partner with Dionysos in the sacred marriage
  11. Maenads the sacred feminine as priestess
  12. Nymphs the powerful elixir of beauty


  1. Initiation
  2. Pompeii-mystery
  3. -Underworld journey
  4. --revealing  
  5. ---Triple Goddess
  6. ----Love by RW Emerson
  7. Pompeii Images
  8. Iron John*
  9. -Iron Johnpg2
  10. Masons ->History of Masonry
  11. Capoeira
  1. Orpheus among the oldest of the mystery cults
  2. Orpheus -eros   >Images
  3. Orpheus-history
  4. Orpheus_and_Eurydice >Images
  5. Kukeri Myth & Mystery Europe's oldest festival tradition
  6. Festival of masks in Pernik Bulgaria [every even year in January]
  7. Lestat A new synthesis of some old ideas
  1. Greek festivals dedicated to Dionysos
  2. Greek dance Where history of dramatic movement begins
  3. Birth of the Masks and a never yet equaled appreciation for the power of myth
  4. Comedy & Tragedy Quotes
  5. Cyprus Festivals Relive the Greek traditions in the present
  1. Bacchus is how Dionysus was known outside Greece
  2. Saturnalia the great multicultural winter solstice celebration that became Christmas
  3. Roman dance*
  4. Roman Festivals  including Cybele & Isis
  5. History of Bacchus in Roman Empire
  6. Mayday * Globally recognized and the only ancient holiday with no religious affiliation
  7. Roman Goddesses featuring Cybele
  8. Lent in 325 A.D. Today's church was born as the official religion of the Roman empire along with a new holiday on December 25th and a new allowable Carnaval season.
  1. Glossary Greek Roman with a Spiritual and Festival focus
  2. Appendix featuring profiles of 12 important authors on these subjects
  3. Pythagoras the Music of the Spheres shapes past-present-future
  4. Greco-Roman writers mostly all in the public domain
  5. Archetypes James Hillman, Archetypal Education and Spring Publications
  6. Link Lists
  1. Dating Fat Tuesday
  2. Easter
  4. Age of Aquarius
  5. Age of Pisces
  6. Age of Aries
  7. Age of Cancer
  8. Age of Leo
  9. Age of Virgo
malta - World's oldest temples and evidence of a time when the Mediterranean world came together as one
* not complete
Scorpius, the Scorpion.  From Uranometria, Johann Bayer, Augsburg, 1603 AD.

 Scorpius, the Scorpion.
From Uranometria, Johann Bayer, Augsburg, 1603 AD.

These two contain the rough drafts of a number of important pages but must wait till after de Carnival & also for you mythographers and astroarcheologists to claim  rightful space at  wikipedia.org
Alexandria* & Numerology*