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Labor Day Weekend, August 28 to September 1, 1997

Visitor's WebGuide to New York &Brooklyn

OVERALL GUIDES: Metrobeat New York, the comprehensive database site, is such a singular hit, that it's model is going national. However, if you like the concept of surfing and building webs of links, you can get a sense of what the world's cultural capital is capable of by checking out the 30,000-plus links at AllNY, including a large Caribbean/African American section. The official New York City Web Site is very good and includes a list of 15 more of these general guides.

GETTING THERE: We strongly recommend booking through our friends Ah Wee Tours, who publish So Yo Going to Carnival, the only international guide to the growing list of Carnival Cultural Festivals, and are headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. If you wish to advance machine culture, this newer, high-tech/slow page-load site, Travelocity, is pioneering the concept of on-line, no human contact, airline reservations.

PLACES TO STAY:This is the best list of New York City Hotel Web Services. Express Reservations reps several Manhattan hotels and give excellent service. For a good deal on short-term apartment rental try A Hospitality Company. For Bed & Breakfast do Urban Ventures. Brooklyn, for a metro area of over three million has hardly any hotel rooms, but the Brooklyn Chamber maintains this short list. Not exactly on-line, (modus operandi is e-mail tag) but the largest and fastest growing we hotel booker is Travel Now.

LOCAL MAPS & TRANSPORTATION: Go to Metrobeat for the best (Still not good enough to substitute for a decent printed one) overall set of New York City maps. Try this for subway maps including Brooklyn.

WEATHER: NBC’s 4-day 4cast be4 you go (4 your wardrobe’s sake). If they don't tell you what you want to hear, maybe Netcast will bear better news.

TALK ABOUT IT: Contact the New York Convention & Visitor's Bureau at 212-397-8200 (open 7 days a week) or New York State Tourism Association (1-800-642-5313 and 518-465-4125). They can send you stuff.


PLACES TO EAT: The top guide for Manhatton Restaurants (on or off the web) is Metrobeat w/ over 1500 listings in a powerful database. Noteworthy, too, is the Urban Access Restaurant Guide, with brief reviews and a place to add your own. A cool idea is surfacing at, where you can actually peruse the menus of many Manhattan eateries (prices 'n all).

PLACES TO DRINK & PLAY: Shade Magazine puts out lots of up-to-date info about the evolving cultural edge of African-American Style, Culture & Night Life. Worldwide web-ites are flocking to the new CYBERCAFES, and the City Reference can deal you URLs for a number of them. If you're into the club scene, Internotes is a super source for melodic meanderings.

CALENDER CONNECTIONS: Metrobeat is hard to beat (watch this space as we try).   THEATRE - The three great summer carnival cities (NY, Toronto, London), are also the tops for theatre and Playbill is the world wide web's best site for it.

So Yu Goin to Brooklyn? Here’s a map w/ locations & descriptions for 20 worthwhile attractions. Also, the power company, Brooklyn Union, has a worthwhile guide to sights. You might also welcome Brooklynx by the Brooklyn Tourism Council which just launched itself July 1, 1996. (Perhaps they consult Tidco about lack of bed capacity for great carnivals). Visiting the hometown? Compare your memories with this personal account of Brooklyn, which has a walking tour.

DAY TRIPS: The Online Travel GuideTM authoritatively covers the nine upstate regions of New York including Niagara Falls Frontier Region.

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