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Aspires to be your web guide to global carnival celebrations, parades, and exceptional great annual celebrations of life.

 We also place a special emphasis on providing reliable travel info for the host cities and attempt to maintain a site dedicated to just cool travel tools at . is based in the San Francisco Mission District where we also maintain This is the progressive stronghold of the Left Coast that believes in a future world without borders where livable Cities and new age or Aquarian values should represent the main organizing and decision making principles.
We will continue to place a special emphasis on 9 global Cities, New York, London, Toronto, San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador Bahia, Port-of-Spain Trinidad, New Orleans as well as host Cities for Carnival City Conventions. We believe our mission to promoting the universal languages of image, dance, music and deep stories while we await the rest of the world to discover the syncretic fruits of the multicultural New World in the forms of steelpan, samba, soca, salsa, swamp and San Francisco.
Our Mission includes supporting the growth and promotion of efforts to build connections  between the artist cultures that make people's celebrations great. We remember that in a perfect world the United nations would be based in San Francisco. As such we are especially interested in news related to Festival organizations. maintains the Foundation European Carnival Cities (FECC web site  Links to Foundation of European Carnaval Cities (FECC), International Caribbean Carnival Association (ICCA), and League of Independent Samba Schools (LEISA)

We love to get CD's and DVD's of Carnival fotos for possible inclusion in the site but can only return them with a SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) We are generally not interested in scanning fotos We will maintain and stamp your copyright on fotos if we decide to use.
We will consider hosting travel advisory pages created by travel companies on a case by case basis. does not consider itself a commercial site but is interested in being self-supporting.  We're interested in your ideas including you becoming a reporter covering an upcoming Carnaval for our audience. e-mail [email protected].

We're located in the Art & Latin District, just south of multimedia gulch and north of Silicon Valley at the birthplace of the San Francisco Bay Area in the Mission District and home of Carnaval San Francisco. is not the official site for Carnaval San Francisco which is

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Beautiful Things became the first feature-length film for actor/writer/director Tambay A Obenson. The film was shot in 8 days, on a sub $10,000 budget, in New York City, More at  

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