Beginning the 28th of May 2005 Nadur will be hosting the Silver Jubilee Convention of the Federation of European Carnival Cities FECC. Over 400 delegates from different Carnival Cities around the world are scheduled to attend.
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Your has prepared a very special section as part of the silver jubilee focusing on the 7000 years of history, myth and mystery for the little archipelago at the center of the Mediterranean sea. Don't miss  and it's siter section  which will bring you to a visit with the ages featuring and
The location will be behind the section B of the Carnival parade ground, at the Sambódromo - São Paulo  beginning on Friday the 22nd of July - 2005, from 14:00 to 20:00 and extending through the weekend.
April 15, 2005
Sao Paulo's Sambodromo is the new venue for the first FIC - or
 International Fair of the Industry of the Carnival.

July 22 - 24, 2005 – Sambódromo - São Paulo - Brazil

 The event will also include a combination of all the many elements of Brazilian Carnival the like of which has before now only been found outside of Brazil in cities like San Francisco, London, Rotterdam and Berlin.  The parade is called BateBrasil  and it will include a presentation of many famous schools of samba from the special samba groups of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Porto Alegre, Brasília as well as the most important blocos of Salvador, Olinda, Recife.


There are will also be three other events held throughout the three days of July Carnival in South America's largest City. Starting on Thursday July 22nd these are Carnival Fashion show, Industry of Carnival Fair and a series of Carnaval Forums. 

FIC - International Fair of the Industry of Carnival and BateBrasil are accomplishments of the Auto Idéias Feiras and Empreendimentos Ltda. A company with more than 30 years of pioneering accomplishments they have demonstrated they have the know-how, the knowledge, the experience and the credibility to make a  great success with any project they take on.

"The world has never seen anything equal. Await!!! "

director  Tania Buslik

The event was originally scheduled to take place on the same weekend in Rio with the name BATEFOLIA however, the organizing body for the 14 special samba schools of Rio de Janeiro, LEISA has elected to not participate.


The main objectives of FIC - International Fair of the Industry of Carnival are to stimulate business and businesses; to present new products and equipment; and to bring together all the schools of samba and blocos groups and other interested Carnival players with their suppliers. You will be able to  make  direct purchases in these creative industries. The BateBrasil will also allow all the different carnivals in Brazil to show themselves through the fashions of carnival workshops. The location will be behind the section B of the Carnival parade ground, at the Sambódromo - São Paulo  beginning on Friday the 22nd of July - 2005, from 14:00 to 20:00 and extending through the weekend.


The National Forum on Carnival  will deal with matters of interest for all of the Brazilian cities that have a carnival in ascension. The importance of the support of the government organs in all of the levels for the success of that enterprise, the partnership necessary for cultural projects developed in the communities, how the artisan and small entrepreneur can come become established business owners, with an eye to being successful exporters of Carnaval products. We will have an opportunity to hear about the popularization of the carnival in several Brazilian cities.


Carnival Fashion Brasil - will be given an audience which includes representative fashion from parades by the most accomplished Brazilian stylists of the carnival art form. With their dynamic creations and concepts for carnival this will be marvelous fun. This event will happen in the same hall as the Fair and Forum.


The vision for the near future sees bringing to Brasil the World Congress of Carnival, where cities from everywhere around the world that have carnival can come to the great global center of Carnaval on the planet. The carnival is the largest cultural and social expression of the Brazilian people, reflecting the people of the all social classes, age groups, colors, races and religions.  The Carnaval Fashion of Brasil Show is expected to become a centerpiece of this undertaking.


The concept of the original event scheduled to take place in Rio was more of a T-shirt Carnival called Batefolia powered by the great baterias of the 14 Rio special samba schools. The name Batefolia was to be clear this was not a Salvador style off-season Carnival called a Micareta. Over the last two decades, Salvador Carnival, with its format of popular dance tunes, huge sound systems and stages on trucks called trio electricos and a simpler costume for band members to parade through packed streets behind crowd protecting ropes has become a very successful industry employing thousands of people year round in this industry of joy. This new concept for the first Carnaval Convention in Brasil sees less rivalry and more cooperation as the fast rising Sao Paulo Carnaval steps forward to host an event focused on growing the industry larger for everyone.


"The largest popular party of the world doesn't care if the Carnival spree is in Recife, Olinda, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador or São Paulo. The idea is to grow more and create new opportunities for companies to show their products to potential customers and effectively meet with their clients."  stated the director of the event, Tania Buslik.


DownloadBoxes seats, track and tiers for the BateBrasil are available from the Headquarters of Sales.

The entrance for the fair and forum will be free.
The Carnaval Fashion of Brasil Show for the stylists of carnival will send special invitations.

More information: 5511.3811.9933/ 5521.9955.1231 or
[email protected]

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25th International FECC Convention - Nadur | Gozo | Malta.